2019 TWAS-SAREP Young Affiliates Program for Researchers from Developing Countries

Deadline: July 31, 2019.

Every year the five TWAS Regional Partners each select up to five scientists to be Young Affiliates for a period of five years. During their tenure, Affiliates are invited to participate in TWAS general meetings and conferences as well as provide feedback to TWAS on how the Academy can respond to the needs of young scientists in developing countries. They are encouraged to provide information about TWAS programmes to their students and colleagues; are encouraged to seek out and nominate excellent scientists from developing countries, especially science-and technology-lagging countries, for TWAS awards and seek out excellent scientists from science-and technology-lagging countries and recommend their nomination for TWAS membership (via a full member of the Academy). The idea of the Young Affiliateship is to give opportunities to young scientists who currently do not have them because they are based in Africa or elsewhere in the developing world.



1. To be eligible, the nominated scientists must have PhD, be aged 40 or less on 1st January of the year in which they are selected, living and working in a developing country for at least the past three years and have an excellent track record of at least 10 international publications in peer reviewed journals.

2. Nominations are invited from TWAS and AAS fellows, Members of National Academies and fellows, Members of Young Academies of Science in the region, Research Institutions, Research Councils and Universities in the region. Self-Nomination is also acceptable. The nomination of women is encouraged.



1. Access Nomination form here: TWAS Young Affiliates 2019 Form

2. All nominations must be submitted online using this form and the supporting documents must be forwarded to thato@assaf.org.za




Click here to apply

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