About Us

Oppourtunities.com founded in 2016 creates perfect bridge between opportunity provider and seekers thereby enabling youths get free, easy and instant access to all life changing opportunities. The forum wants to expose young people to the opportunities available across the continent and globe as well. Through the forum, many young people have been able to get their bearing thereby enabling them pursue their dreams through fully / partial funded scholarship, conference, grants and other opportunities. The forum was created in line with Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality Education) and 8 (Good Jobs and Economic Growth for a prosperous society. An organizational member of Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) http://sdsnyouth.org/member-organizations/

Services We Offer

Mentoring Programs

Opportunity Awareness

Youth Empowerment Programs

Education Advocacy.

General Educational Consultation

Leadership Trainings


Our Mission Statement

To create awareness of various opportunities which promotes quality education and work for economic development of youths and the world as a whole.

Through this site, I was able to get information available both local and interntional opportunities which has given me chance to access quality education.



Since subscribing to opportunities.com for free, it has been an eye-opener to lot of opportunities I didn't know about. The website is a great source of real time information for many young people like me who are always looking for the best opportunity to grabs. Thank you very much oppourtunities.com for making us have access to quality education.



Let me also join the rest of the world in giving thanks to this website. In fact, it has assisted me in a very big way. I have already received university admission, and I’m on my way in processing my scholarship application. Once again, I say thank you so much. Your great contribution towards my academics has been received with great thanks. Thanks for the assistance you give to some of us who want to explore available scholarship opportunities.



Oppourtunities.com is the new opportunities platform for youths, researchers, job seekers across the globe. The main purpose of this forum is to provide oppourtunities to people like education, job, entrepreneurial ideas and various internships which has made measurable impact among my friends and community in Bangadelsh. This forum will help us to our career development”

Ridwan Islam Sifat


I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to the founder of Oppourtunity.com This online opportunity platform have been of a great impact to thousands of youths in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Early this year they posted some international opportunities online and on our Young African Leaders Facebook page, I got to see the Obama Foundation opportunity and I applied and was selected to be among other 199 Africans in Johannesburg in July 2018. I saw another opportunity they posted which is the Autumn School for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and I applied and was selected. I am among the 25 selected for this opportunity in Stuttgart, Germany. This platform has really transformed my life for the best. Over 20 of my friends are now using the platform and I have over 5 of them that have benefited. The admin Funmilola Awosanya is an ethical leader and always optimistic in believing people which she is impacting. In 10 years from now she will become the most influential woman online because her work and forum would have benefited over 5 million people.

Aleo Thompson

2018 Obama Foundation Fellow <br> 2018 Germany Autumn School for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Through the forum I was able to get wind of various life changing opportunities in which I was selected for two prestigious opportunities outside Nigeria. Thank you for making a great impact in this generation.

Funmilola Awosanya

2017/2018 Young Africa Initiative Recipient <br> 2018/2019 African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative Program Recipient

I want to use this moment to thank all team and members of this great forum. Through their daily research and posting I was able to come across various life changing opportunities within and outside Nigeria. Through their post, I was able to get wind of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship which I applied for and was selected for the 2018/2021 session at the University of Poland. Thank you for ensuring that all youths have access to quality education.

Olotu Oluwanisola

2018/2021 Erasmus Mundus Global-MINDS scholarship

The forum has been of great assistance to me, as through it I was able to know of the various opportunities that abound both in Nigeria and the world as a whole. The forum was of great help to me while I was applying for scholarship. Through this opportunity have been able to study in university both in the US and Belgium. Thank you oppourtunities.com for creating a safe space for the youths all over the world.

Bankole Onabajo

2017/2020 Erasmus Mundus Recipient at the University of Ghent Belgium MSC Agricultural Development
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