2019 British Council Newton Mosharafa PhD Programme for Egyptians

Deadline: August 8, 2019.

The Newton Mosharafa PhD Programme supports Egyptian researchers to undertake a PhD at a UK higher education institution.

The Newton Fund builds research and innovation partnerships with 17 active
partner countries to support their economic development and social welfare, and
to develop their research and innovation capacity for long-term sustainable
growth. It has a total UK Government investment of £735 million up until 2021,
with matched resources from the partner countries.



Research will need to focus on one of the following areas:
a. Sustainable Water Management;
b. Renewable Energy;
c. Sustainable Food Production;
d. Affordable and Inclusive Healthcare



1. The PhD Programme will sponsor:
a. Full Scholarships- full three-year PhD with degree awarded by a British Higher Education institution
b. Joint Supervisions- the opportunity to spend a year doing research at a British Higher Education institution as part of a PhD at an Egyptian university



1. Scholarship should be in a UK institution for higher education
2. Study should in one of the four themes of Newton-Mosharafa (check page 3)
apart for the clinical research (Medical and dentistry), applications that will be
applied in clinical research will not be accepted.
3. Applicant must be an assistant lecturer or a research assistant in one of the
bodies listed in the Missions’ plan who has been appointed for no less than
two years by the application date.
4. Applicant’s age should not exceed 30 years by the date of the Call for
Application, according to clause (11) in Missions law number (112) for year
1959,also the clause permitted for the executive committee after taking
opinion of home Institute to grant an extension of a maximum of two years
beyond the limit of 30 for circumstances related to general good (Contact the
Missions sector for more details).
5. Applicants should have obtained a master’s degree in the Mission’s discipline.
6. General Estimate of the Applicant’s first-level university degree should be
“Very Good”, at least.
7. If the applicant has already registered for the PhD degree, then the
registration date should not be exceeding one year by the date of the Call for
Application. And if the applicant didn’t register for PhD, the date of receiving
his/her Master’s degree date shouldn’t exceed two years.
8. Applicant should have obtained an IELTS score of 6 as a requirement for
applying. Higher levels of language proficiency required by the potential
host university shall take precedent (presuming they are at least a
minimum of IELTS score of 6).
9. Applicant should have finished his military service or exempted.
10. Applicant shouldn’t have received a scholarship or grant from government to
have the PhD before.
11. The Data Form should be signed and stamped by the home institution.




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