2021 Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship for Healthcare and AL Changemakers

Deadline: November 16, 2020.

The fellowship program is curated for intellectually curious changemakers in the healthcare and AI fields. New voices, creative ideas, and innovation are missing from these industries and they are urgently needed. Thirty women from across the globe will step in and create these long overdue solutions. Fifteen of these changemakers will be from The Middle East and will simultaneously help in the creation of a broader effort to empower women from The Middle East to pursue new data-driven career paths. 


Participants include thirty women from across the globe, fifteen of which will be changemakers from The Middle East. 


By finding these solutions, you’ll enhance your:

  • Skills: Changemakers in AI & Healthcare learning from each other
  • Strategic Thinking: Making and communicating business cases
  • Mastery of Complexity: Navigating complex adaptive systems
  • Innovative Vision: Systematically uncovering possibilities
  • Creative Leadership: Turning uncertainty into opportunities



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