2019 Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship

Deadline: February 28, 2019 and July 25, 2019.

Senior Research Fellowships support independent researchers who want to tackle the most important questions in science and who are leaders in their field. The Senior Research Fellowship has the objective of finding researchers who are passionate about their field of work and have made significant contributions to the same at at international level. The Fellowship also aspires to look for researchers who have leadership skills and who have had prior experience in leading research teams. Furthermore the projects and research should be aimed towards making a positive change in the society.



  • Applicants should already be heading their own independent research program. The applicants will ideally be on their way to develop an international reputation as a leader in their field and must have made contributions to the same in the way of publications, patents, software development etc.
  • Applicants must propose a program that is both novel and ambitious and which will have a positive impact on the larger society. They should also be willing to mentor less experienced researchers.
  • The applicant must have acquired a sponsorship from the head of department or the equivalent of such at the eligible host organization. The host organization must be located in the following: UK, Republic of Ireland or a low/middle income country (only nationals of these countries will be able avail the third option).
  • It is be note that if the applicant holds a senior fellowship that is supported by another funding body, he/she can only apply for Senior Research Fellowship for a period of 5 years. They will need a 50% salary contribution from their host organization and they cannot apply for a renewal.
  • Applicants will not be considered suitable if they have currently applied for another Wellcome award or if they have two or more research fellowship from another organization.
  • Researchers from India are not eligible (they should instead take a look at Wellcome Trust/Department of Biotechnology India Alliance website)
  • If the applicant has applied to this scheme or the below mentioned schemes unsuccessfully before then they need to contact the Senior Research Fellowship team before applying again. The said schemes to be kept in mind for this point are:
    • Senior Research Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Science
    • Senior Research Fellowships in Clinical Science
    • Senior Research Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine



  • Selected researchers will receive a basic salary, the details of which they can decide with the host organization. If Wellcome trust is going to pay the salary on the grant, applicants can also ask for visa and work permit costs to help them take up the post at their host organisation.
  • Selected candidates can ask for a fellowship supplement of £12,500 if they are paid on a non-clinical salary scale
  • If selected candidates have to move to take up the post at their host organisation, they can ask for £1,000. They will need to justify this.




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