2019 Sahara Group Limited BTG Operator (Boiler Turbine Generator) Nigeria Recruitment

Deadline: June 16, 2019.

Egbin Power Plc. Lagos is one of the biggest additions to the electricity industry in Nigeria. Often seen as the biggest single generating power station in Sub-Saharan Africa, it was built to meet the every rising demand for electricity in Lagos and its environs.

Following the nation’s privatization exercise, Sahara, through its power division, Sahara Power Group and sundry affiliations, acquired the 1320 MW installed capacity Egbin Power Plant. We are working towards deploying a minimum of 5,000 MW of electricity generation over the next five years.



The BTG Operator reports to and implements the directives of the Shift Manager. The BTG Operator is responsible for all operational aspects of the plant during his shift, including personnel and equipment safety. The BTG Operator ensures safe and efficient start-up, operation, and shutdown of the receiver, steam generator, steam turbine generator, and balance of plant equipment from inside the control room.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform safe and efficient operation of the receiver, steam generator, steam turbine generator, and related auxiliary systems from the control room using the plant’s Distributive Control System (DCS) and other available controls and indications.
  • Coordinate with Load Dispatcher to maintain plant MW output as directed and in accordance with the Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Perform start-up, operation, and shutdown of equipment, systems, and the plant in accordance with approved plant procedures.
  • Monitor and record plant operating parameters inside the control room; make adjustments as required to maintain safe and efficient operation of the plant.
  • Upon detecting faulty equipment operation, diagnose the cause then take proper action to restore the equipment and plant to a safe condition. This includes stopping equipment and switching to standby equipment if required and available.
  • Monitor the operations of emissions control equipment and adjust it to meet State and Federal permits.
  • Immediately notify Shift Supervisor of abnormal situations, including those that may result in violation of regulatory requirements.
  • Direct the actions of the Auxiliary Operator as required to start-up, operate, shutdown, and respond to abnormal situations from outside the control room.
  • Provide periodic reports to the Shift Supervisor regarding plant status.
  • Observe, report, troubleshoot, and correct situations that are likely to develop into operational problems or safety hazards.
  • Report and respond to chemical spills and leaks in accordance with plant emergency response plans.
  • Monitor and operate equipment circuit breakers and switches as required for safe and efficient operation of the plant. This includes opening, locking, and tagging for isolation and maintenance.
  • Monitor, maintain, and verify proper chemistry control of steam generator water, feedwater, cooling water, condensate, condensate makeup, and wastewater.
  • Obtain thorough turnover from BTG Operator being relieved, including special orders and unusual operating conditions. Review operating logs and inspect plant controls and indications.
  • Give thorough turnover to the relieving BTG Operator for special orders and unusual operating conditions.
  • Perform tests on critical safety systems, as directed, including lube oil pumps, turbine valves, turbine system trips, boiler trips and permissive.
  • Test and operate plant fire and chemical safety equipment as directed.
  • Perform and direct Isolation and de-isolation of equipment’s for maintenance accordance with plant lockout/tagout procedures.
  • Participate in scheduled safety meetings and training.
  • Assist in training of subordinate personnel.
  • Perform minor/routine maintenance as directed during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance periods.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Shift Supervisor



Education and Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in Engineering from an accredited/ reputable university
  • Minimum of five (5) years relevant work experience in a power plant with at least 3 years in position of Supervisor with 200MW plant

Skills and Competencies

  • Experience in boiler start-up, operation, and shutdown from inside and outside the control room, using local controls and the Distributive Control System (DCS).
  • Experience in steam turbine generator start-up, operation, and shutdown from inside and outside the control room, using local controls and the Distributive Control System (DCS).
  • Experience in Balance of Plant systems start-up, operation, and shutdown from inside and outside the control room, using local controls and the Distributive Control System (DCS).
  • Knowledge of electrical theory and how it is applied in a power plant environment.
  • Knowledge of plant hazards and approaches to protecting both personnel and equipment.
  • Knowledge of general plant policies, environmental regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Knowledge of Power Purchase Agreements as they apply to the BTG Operator’s job duties.
  • Technical knowledge of plant operation turbine, boiler, switch board
  • Knowledge of standard operating procedures with respect to plant operation and maintenance
  • Technical trouble shooting skills
  • Knowledge of safety requirements
  • Knowledge of power generation process
  • Knowledge of safety environment, health and other statutory norms
  • Analytical ability for technical problem solving
  • Knowledge of Cost and efficiency of generation
  • Experience in the use of personal computers and numerous software applications such as Excel, Word, MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, etc.
  • Ability to productively work independently and as an overall integral team member.
  • Must have strong communication skills and the ability to effectively organize and facilitate process teams.
  • Ability to understand complex contractual issues as they relate to plant operations and maintenance.




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