2019 Noble Missions for Change Initiative Fundraising Strategy Volunteering Program

Deadline: Unspecified

Noble Missions is a tech non-profit social enterprise based in Nigeria with support from volunteers all over the world . We deploy technology to realize the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). Our vision is to see a world where technology is available and accessible to all citizens to foster sustainable development and reduce hunger. And our mission is using digital tools to advance education in Africa.

The process of fundraising strategy development is a fundamental building block for securing the resources needed for the organizational sustainable financial growth for the next year. The secondary market research is important as it would highlight an environmental context for addressing specific expectations and make financial decisions. Our mission to leverage technology in advancing education in Africa is fully depended on the number of resources we are able to mobilize. And this is why this task is highly important to our growth.



1. The volunteer needs to have basic research skills and understanding of the non-profit sector.

2. Previous experience in fundraising is desired but not mandatory.

3. Passion for the industry is also important.



1. The volunteer will assist us (Noble Missions) in the development of a fundraising strategy document that would incorporate in-depth market research, benchmark and alternative financial modelling, specific trends and key strategic objectives.

2. The volunteer will work directly with the Founder/Executive Director and the Organizational Development Advisor to solicit research and help in identifying unique fundraising opportunities.

3. He/she will be part of a team and participate in weekly/biweekly virtual meetings through Skype or Zoom with follow-up email and Slack/WhatsApp briefings.

4. There will be an opportunity for interaction, as well as creative input and idea exchange.

5. The candidate will be exposed to the process of strategy development and will have the chance to learn and participate.




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