2019 International Pediatric Nephrology Association Fellowship Program

Deadline: October 1, 2019.

The International Pediatric Nephrology Association has an established fellowship program to provide pediatricians who work far from a pediatric nephrology training center with training in order to disseminate knowledge of pediatric nephrology to different regions around the world. IPNA’s successes in this program include the following:

  • Over 200 completed fellowships since 2003
  • Fellowships have been offered in 24 countries around the world


1. Applicant who is at least 30 years old.

2. Living and working in a developing country. (low, lower middle or upper middle economy according to the World Bank criteria)

3. Have received basic training in nephrology in his/her home country.

4. Nominated by a Home Mentor and your Home Institution who guarantees your re-employment once training has been completed.

5. You be recommended by a senior nephrologist in your home country.

6. You identified an appropriate Host Mentor and Institution with whom
you have agreed on a suitable training plan.

7. Your training plan reflect the skills and knowledge that are required by
your Home Institution and which you can implement on your return.

8. You understand and communicate in the host country’s language?



1. The total sum of the grant is in alignment with the length of the training and varies
according to the anticipated expenses in the host country, as per World Bank data.
Grants are intended to cover, or offset, all costs related to the Fellowship, including
travel, accommodation and living expenses. The grant is intended to cover expenses
of the fellow, not his/her family.

2. In order to receive your grant, you must fill out the payment request form and send it
to the IPNA administrative office (office@ipna-online.org) Once reception of your
payment form, you would receive your grant within the next 4 weeks. It is therefore
advised that you take some spending money in order to cover your expenses upon
your arrival.



Your application will only be considered as complete if it contains ALL the following
✓ The completed and duly signed application form (online)
✓ A Curriculum vitae (CV)
✓ An acceptance letter from the Host Institution
✓ A letter of recommendation from nephrologist in your Home Institution (or
✓ A letter from your Home Institution guaranteeing re-employment.
✓ Applicant’s letter and training plan describing the goals and objectives and
how the training will benefit and impact the Home country and Institution. The
letter should explain how the training will benefit your Home country and Host




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