2019 Call for AMEE Student Task Force Coordinators

Deadline: December 10, 2018.

Association for Medical Education in Europe- AMEE promotes international excellence in education in the healthcare professions across the continuum of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education. Every year, they organize the largest medical education conference in the world: the AMEE Conference.

AMEE offers international medical students the chance to attend the Conference for free, with financial support for travel and accommodation expenses. In exchange for that, the selected students are asked to assist in basic tasks, related to helping out with practical issues and assisting participants during the conference. These students are part οf the Student Task Force (STF) and they are coordinated by a group of 5 people – 1 Local Coordinator, 2 International Coordinators from EMSA and IFMSA and their 2 Co-Coordinators to assist with the international Student Taskforce tasks.



  • Support the AMEE Representatives in their tasks related to the AMEE STF
  • Read and evaluate the applications for the STF (>1000 applications)
  • Be responsible for various administrative tasks, e.g. sending invitation letters, answering emails
  • Prepare promotional materials for the AMEE STF (such as booklets and guides) to be published in the AMEE Students Likepage
  • Assist with the coordination of logistical tasks during the Conference
  • Attend the Online Meetings of the AMEE STF Coordinators Group (±1 per month)


In order to be selected as the assistant, you need to have:

  • Strong organizational, leadership and communication skills
  • Proficiency in English
  • Experience in leading a team and conference organizing
  • Design skills
  • Availability during the whole term (January 2019 – October 2019) and mostly during the AMEE Conference 2019 STF Working Days (August 22-29)


As a coordinator you are offered:

  • Α guaranteed spot on the AMEE STF for AMEE Conference 2019
  • A chance to work in a diverse and experienced team and develop your organizational and leadership skills
  • An opportunity to learn more about Medical Education




AMEE Student Task Force Coordinators

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