2019 Asia Philanthropy Awards

Deadline: December 31, 2018.

Asia Philanthropy Awards Program provides a platform for identifying and recognizing individual or NPO who contribute their time and ability to enhance philanthropy across Asia or for Asia. Philanthropy means act of love to improve quality of life for humanity. Philanthropist shares time, talent, and finance to solve various social problems in our society. Philanthropic works can be achieved through various ways such as giving, serving, asking and joining to make fundamental change to social problem and achieve humanity’s common value.



1. Philanthropist of the Year : This most honorable award of Asia Philanthropy Awards will be given to a successful philanthropist who proved to show outstanding outcome, innovative work, transparent process and strong passion in all of his/her philanthropic works.

2. Best Fundraiser of the Year: This award will be given to a fundraiser/development officer who proved to show outstanding fundraising outcome using innovative method, strong work ethic, cooperation with others, and proof of continuous trial and efforts of fundraising at his/her organization

3. Best NPO of the Year: As well as looking at NPO’s brand recognition, size, and history, APA will also look for an organization that played to be an example to other NPO communities for its performance measurement, accountable & transparent process, and innovative & differentiated program.

4. Youth Philanthropist of the Year: Youth Philanthropist of the Year will be awarded to an individual between age of 7 and 23 as of 12/31/2015 who performed outstanding volunteer services and works to improve our society despite of his/her young age. It will be given to either an individual or a youth club.

5. Lifetime Achievement Award: This award is given to an individual who contributed and committed life for enhancement of philanthropy or worked in NPO area for his/her lifetime. The individual should have brought recognizable results through his/her long-time commitment in philanthropy and received many positive feedbacks from others.



1. Be an individual or a NPO/NGO in Asia or have a program(s) for Asia.

2. Be a representative that is 20 years of age or older except for nominees of ‘Youth Philanthropists of the Year’ which is between 7 to 23 years of age as of every year

3. Completely fill out all of the applications required.

4. Comply with all rules, restrictions, and processes written in these official Rules



1. An individual can apply/be nominated up to 2 categories and can be a winner of more than one category.

2. Participants must first complete REGISTRATION before the deadline. This includes any kinds of updates or revisions. Failing to meet this deadline result in ineligibility for the APA Program.

3. After the registration, the top 3 applicants within each category will be selected by the APAJC using our judging criteria.

4. The APAJC will determine the 6 winners (one winner in each category) among 18 finalists.

5. The final award winners will be announced at the Asia Philanthropy Awards ceremony




Asia Philanthropy Awards

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