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      You apply endlessly for different types of job or scholarship. You have been shortlisted or called for an interview. That’s awesome! This means the scholarship provider, conference provider, job provider or any other opportunity provider loved your CV, and now they want to meet and talk to you.

      Be it a face-to-face interview, a phone or a Skype call, don’t see being nervous and anxious as abnormal. But worry not.

      1. Punctuality: Be on time. No matter what, get to the venue 10 to 15 minutes early. Prior to the interview day, plan your outfit and other materials you needed for the interview and any other document requested by the interviewer. Don’t do a last minute packing so you will not forget any document.

      2. Your Body Language: Body language is everything in an interview. Career experts have long analysed body language as a way to determine a person’s character. From sitting up straight, to keeping eye contact, body movements are crucial. Don’t fidget too much, show confidence and that you know what you are doing.

      3. Review Your Application, essay or CV: Ensure to review your submitted essay application or CV prior to the interview day as you may be asked about what you write when you were submitting your application. Practice very well as this will also enable you know where questions are been asked from.

      4. Think Before You Speak: Don’t directly start answering before fully understanding the question. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarity if you need to. Take a moment to think before you speak, so that your answer is well thought-out.

      5. Speak Clearly and Concisely: The nervousness might make you speak really fast. Because of this, valuable information that you’re trying to convey may get lost in between, and you may start to look anxious. Take a deep breath, and make an effort to speak calmly and clearly.

      6. Showcase Industry Knowledge: When questioned about the knowledge of the area of concentration you stated or applied for in your application be it scholarship or conference or job role, don’t just talk about your previous leadership or career wise experience, but also how you’re equipped with the knowledge of latest trends in your industry. Prepare yourself for this by exploring the in-demand skills in your industry or sector.

      7. Be Confident: Enter the interview with a level of self-assurance that reflects your ability to perform effectively in the scholarship program or job. Starting from your opening response, to the final thank you, express yourself with confidence. We know it’s easier said than done, but with practise, you can be a confident candidate.

      8. Level Up Your Presentation Skills: As part of the interview process, you’ve been asked to present as well? Worry not! Giving an interactive and easy-to-understand presentation is a must-have skill for many jobs. With a bit of learning and a lot of practise, you can showcase that skill during your interview!

      9. Exhibit Your Leadership Abilities: Showcasing your leadership skills indicates that you can help a business thrive, especially if it’s not a leadership role you have applied for. Highlighting skills like taking initiative and team management will help you make a positive impression, and show that you like to exceed expectations.

      10. Understand The Interview Process: From application submission to reviewing of applicants submission to interviews, to the final in-person presentations, modern hiring processes involve several steps before the actual offer of employment. As a candidate, it’s important for you to understand these processes, and prepare specifically for each stage.

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