2021 Word Bank Youth Summit Competition Awards

Deadline: March 31, 2021.

The global nature of the COVID-19 pandemic calls for a coordinated effort toward recovery. The pandemic has resulted in the creation of not only a health crisis but also an economic one of a scale unprecedented in the recent years. How can we unleash the unique opportunities we have today to not only boost a sustainable economic recovery but also, ensure that this recovery is both sustainable and inclusive? Tell us about your ideas that aim at ‘building back better”!

The 2021 Word Bank Youth Summit Competition awards the most cutting-edge idea that supports either of the two youth summit themes listed below:

A Resilient recovery for the People: Empowers people in fighting the consequences of the pandemic and addresses growing inequality in societies

 OR –

A Resilient recovery for the Planet: Provides sustainable solutions to support the halt of climate change. 


  1. The competition is open to teams of 1 to 5 individuals aged 18 to 35.
  2. Participants must be nationals from World Bank member countries.
  3. Participants can be students, as well as people in the work force or any other occupation.
  4. No prior experience in any particular field or topic is necessary.
  5. You need to be committed to implement the solution after the competition.
  6. Diverse team compositions are advised, but not required


  • Be mentored by Youth Summit 2019 finalists and World Bank experts 
  • Network with leading professionals and young social entrepreneurs around the world 
  • Participate and learn in events and workshops 
  • Seed-funding


A proposal with great potential might include an idea summary, outline the problem(s) it aims to address, pitch the proposed solution and why it stands out compared to existing solutions. In addition, you might want to explain the financial sustainability of your business model, potential to scale, actual progress (if any) and how you and your team Measure Success.


Submit your proposal here


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