2021 White House Fellowship Program for U.S. Citizens

Deadline: January 6, 2021.

Founded in 1964 by Lyndon B. Johnson, the White House Fellows program is one of America’s most prestigious programs for leadership and public service. White House Fellowships offer exceptional young men and women first-hand experience working at the highest levels of the federal government.

Selected individuals typically spend a year working as a full-time, paid Fellow to senior White House Staff, Cabinet Secretaries and other top-ranking government officials. Fellows also participate in an Education Program consisting of roundtable discussions with leaders from the private and public sectors, and trips to study U.S. policy in action both domestically and internationally. Fellowships are awarded on a strictly non-partisan basis.


  • Applicants to the White House Fellows program must be U.S. citizens.
  • Employees of the Federal government are not eligible unless they are career military personnel.
  • Applicants must have completed their undergraduate education by the time they begin the application process.
  • There are no formal age restrictions to becoming a White House Fellow. However, the Fellowship program was created to give selected Americans the experience of government service early in their careers.


Selection as a White House Fellow is based on a combination of the following criteria:

  • A record of remarkable professional achievement early in one’s career
  • Evidence of leadership skills and the potential for further growth
  • A demonstrated commitment to public service
  • The skills to succeed at the highest levels of the Federal government, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team

All these qualities combined with the strength of one’s character, a positive attitude, and the ability to work well with others are taken into consideration when selecting a class of White House Fellows.


  1. Fellows are paid at the rate of GS-14 Step 3; with the exception of active duty military, who are paid according to their current rank and grade.
  2. Those selected as White House Fellows spend a year serving as special assistants to senior government officials in Washington, D.C.


The application has six major sections:
1. Personal Information
2. Recommendations
3. Declarations
4. Resume
5. Essays
6. Certification

OFFICIAL LINK: https://whff.org/apply/?utm_source=Pro%20Fellows%202020&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=Pro%20Fellows%202020%20Outreach

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