2021 Watershed Sentinel Magazine Indigenous Junior Reporter Mentorship Program

Deadline: June 18, 2021.

Watershed Sentinel magazine invites applications for its new Indigenous Junior Reporter Mentorship program.

Their goal with this program is to contribute to capacity-building in journalism in western and rural Canada, through hands-on learning opportunities with direct mentorship by an experienced Indigenous journalist. Skills will be developed through an especial focus on environmental reporting, but will be applicable across all types of reporting.


  1. This program is open to Indigenous youth aged 17-25 living in western and rural Canada.
  2. There are no prior educational requirements – what’s most important is a passion for sharing stories that need to be told, and genuine interest in journalism as a potential career path. 


Successful applicants will be mentored to build hands-on journalism skills through:

  • Participating in regular bimonthly story workshops as a guide to story development, and to gain experiential learning & hands-on skill building: steps from conception, to interviewing, to copy writing, editing, and publication.
  •  One-on-one support with an experienced Indigenous reporter to maintain story quality and technical standards throughout story development.

With this support, program participants will write 1-2 short form articles for publication in each issue the Watershed Sentinel magazine (5 issues per year). Some stories will be assigned, and program participants will also be encouraged to develop and pitch their own story ideas.


  1. Training stipend – $20/hr for up to 10 hrs per issue (each issue is produced over approx 2 months);
  2. Payment for completed articles – 25c/word for 1-2 short form (approx 500 word) articles per issue.


Apply by email to claire@watershedsentinel.ca until June 18.

Please include:

  1. A statement of interest, explaining why you are interested in and would be well suited for this program
  2. Your resume
  3. 1-3 samples of your own writing (of any kind, does not need to be published)


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