2021 Savvy Virtual Fellowship Program for Aspiring and Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Deadline: Ongoing

Savvy is a rolling virtual Fellowship program for passionate and brilliant young professionals seeking to be part of the new generation of impact entrepreneurs.

According to Chidi Nwaogu, one of the founders of Savvy, when explaining why he started the Fellowship, he said, “Due to the [COVID-19] pandemic, many have lost their jobs and are now living in an uncertain world. I have decided to start the Savvy Fellowship, to equip passionate individuals with the necessary knowledge and skill they need to start their own [impact-driven] business and succeed as entrepreneurs.”


  1. Open to aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs worldwide
  2. Open to applicants between 18-40 years
  3. They consider applicants above 40years with at least 5years working experience in the entrepreneurial space


1. Practical Learning: For 12 weeks, you’ll learn how to start, build, and scale an impact venture. Using visual presentations, we’ll help you answer all the relevant questions you need to kickstart that amazing impact venture, gain early traction, achieve product-market fit, and scale into newer markets. Savvy is for every impact entrepreneur, no matter what stage your venture is.

2. Simultaneous Mentorship: While learning, you’re offered mentorship as well, which is a great way to have a better understanding of your industry. Mentorship comes in two ways: peer-to-peer and expert. Since all Savvy Fellows don’t have the same level of experience, more experienced and knowledgeable Fellows help guide others. A select few Fellows get expert mentorship from industry experts.

3. Life-long Community: “Once a Savvy Fellow, always a Savvy Fellow.” Savvy isn’t just a 12-weeks learning, assessment, and mentorship program, it’s a life-long entrepreneurial learning process. Post Fellowship, you can constantly access your Savvy Fellowship account and have access to our weekly updated resources, in the form of entrepreneurial tips, nuggets, and opportunities.

4. After 12 weeks, you’re able to request a Certificate of Completion to proudly share with your professional network. Fellows whose accounts are up to 12 weeks old are able to request a Certificate of Completion for the Savvy Fellowship program, via the ‘Post Fellowship’ tab. Accounts that are less than 12 weeks are automatically unable to request for a Certificate.

OFFICIAL LINK: https://savvyfellows.com/apply/

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