2021 Recover Africa Youth Competition: Share Your Covid-19 Experience

Deadline: April 22, 2021.

COVID-19 has affected youth across the globe in a disproportionate manner. In its very unprecedented standard, the pandemic has caused harm that shall remain irreversible for a long time. Among many other disturbances to life as they knew it, young Africans have faced disruptions in education and training, income streams due to job losses, and social vulnerability. A year after the onset of the pandemic, it is absolutely clear that things are never going back to where we were in November 2019. In a bid to find sustainable solutions and build back better, it is important to look at youth as contributors to the solutions.

They believe that all youth have had unique experiences during the pandemic that can be expressed through media, works of art and innovations. The Recover Africa Youth Competition invites youth to look back at their experiences and depict them for a chance to be part of the recovery process. 

The Recover Africa Youth Competition is part of the larger Recover Africa project by Fairtrade Africa and BMZ.


  1. Applicant must be African Youth aged between 18-35
  2. Only original works should be submitted
  3. Submissions are entered in Video Format


 By telling them your COVID-19 experience, you stand a chance to win 500 Euros to implement a community project of choice.



  1. Create a 3 minute video of your COVID-19 experience
  2. Include a description of the video
  3. Also include a 200 word essay on your community recovery


  1. Upload your video to youtube.com
  2. Create an account on fairtraderecover.africa to make your application
  3. Fill in the application form and submit for review


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