2021 NIAS Individual Fellowship for Scholars Worldwide

Deadline: March 15, 2021.

NIAS offers individual fellowships to scholars who wish to carry out advanced research in the humanities and the social sciences. For five or ten months, scholars are offered the time and space to work on a topic of their own choice


In order to be considered eligible for a fellowship by NIAS, the following criteria and rules are applicable:

  • At least three years of experience since obtaining a PhD-degree.
  • The project proposal must fit within the scope of the Humanities and/or Social Sciences.
  • The project proposal should be no more than a maximum of fifteen hundred words including footnotes, excluding referenced and abstract.
  • The project proposal should contain at least a clear description of the project that will be conducted during a stay at NIAS, a research question, as well as the methodological and theoretical contribution the project aims at.
  • On the date the application is submitted, the applicant must have a valid employment contract (permanent, temporary or zero-hours contract) with a university or research institute, or must be registered for tax purposes as a self-employed, independent researcher (in Dutch ZZP). The same requirement holds for the duration of the planned fellowship period. Applicants with a zero-hours contract are not eligible for a stipend or teaching replacement.
  • The applicant may not resubmit a project proposal that was previously rejected by NIAS.
  • Applicants can only apply for one type of fellowship per academic year (i.e. either a NIAS Individual Fellowship, a co-sponsored individual fellowship, a NIAS theme-group fellowship, or a co-sponsored theme-group fellowship).
  • An applicant who previously held a NIAS fellowship may only apply for a Fellowship if there are at least 10 years between the application date of the previous fellowship and the current application date (exceptions are made for fellows who held a fellowship during the Covid-19 pandemic).
  • The application must be completed correctly and contain all the requested information and required documentation.
  • Applicants for Individual Fellowships should provide the names of four international experts in their field who would be suitable to approach as referees. Experts should not have a conflict of interest by reviewing the proposal. Excluded experts are colleagues from the same department, co-authors, (former) supervisors and scholars involved in the current research project proposal.


A fellowship at NIAS offers you an environment conducive to bring curiosity-driven work to fruition.

  • An international year group with fellows from abroad and from the Netherlands
  • English as working language at the institute
  • A work environment that is, in terms of pressure and pace, probably the calmest, slowest and the least competitive place in the Netherlands
  • An engaged close-knit interdisciplinary intellectual community of scholars, authors, artists and journalists that is open, diverse and inclusive
  • Hot lunch served 12.30 weekdays with good company and lively discussions
  • Weekly academic seminars and peer group sessions
  • Regular social and cultural activities
  • Access to  your office 8.00 – 20.00 weekdays; 10.00 – 17.00 at the weekend in the 17th-century historical NIAS building in the heart of the old city centre of Amsterdam
  • Computer, international telephone connection, fast internet cable connection, Wi-Fi, Skype sets
  • Library service that delivers books (almost) to your door steps
  • Free coffee, tea and chilled water
  • Facilities to organise short academic workshops
  • Opportunities to organise public events
  • Fellows from abroad receive support from NIAS and In Amsterdam (an expat center) with official matters and formalities such as residence permits



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