2021 Misión de la ONU en Colombia UN Volunteer Field Officers in Colombia Recruitment

Deadline: March 21, 2021.

Misión de la ONU en Colombia is recruiting 30 international UN Volunteer Field Officers in Colombia


Within the framework of the delegated authority and under the supervision Regional or Subregional team leader or their designated representative , the UN Volunteer will perform the following tasks:

  • Frequently visit gathering areas and nearby towns to become familiar with the dynamics operating on the ground to collect concerns and identify challenges faced by the signatory parties and affected communities.
  • Build solid and productive relationships with the parties, local actors, as well as with the communities, in coordination with the Public Information Officers and the heads of the Regional Offices.
  • Provide support to regional, subregional and local teams in the implementation of their activities regarding the Mission’s mandate, including those aspects related to the relationship of the parties and with the communities, monitoring and verification activities, maintenance of databases and reporting; observing, collecting information, receiving complaints from affected parties and communities, monitoring incidents and alleged violations of the Final Agreement, recommending and implementing preventive and corrective actions.
  • Support in the analysis of parameters of murders and threats according to the context of armed groups and dynamics present in the region.
  • Support in the preparation and analysis of monthly, biweekly and daily reports.
  • Support in relations with civil authorities involved in the issue of security guarantees.
  • Support in monitoring the institutional commitments in reincorporation, taking into account the support in the implementation of the sustainability indicators of the economic projects and the systematization of the indicators of each project.
  • Support in monitoring the activities of the COMUNES party (former FARC party), analyzing its actions, strengths and weaknesses, supporting the relationship of the COMUNES party at regional and local level with the national instances of the party.
  • Support the monitoring of projects for the economic reincorporation of former FARC-EP combatants implemented both by the Mission and through governmental and non-governmental entities and international cooperation, in order to promote their rapid execution and alert to difficulties or delays found.
  • Support for the elaboration of communicative pieces and products that are required in pedagogy, dissemination of peace and reconciliation proposals.
  • Support in participation in institutional spaces such as Municipal Peace Committees and in reconciliation processes that are promoted to be supported by the Mission.
  • Serve as a liaison between UN counterparts and other actors present in the area of ​​responsibility.
  • Analyze and report on the Mission’s mandate and the scope of its activities.
  • Perform additional functions, if necessary, based on criteria established by the person in charge of leading the team.


  1. Minimum age: 25 years old. Nationals of the country of assignment are not eligible, except the assignments in Headquarters duty stations.
  2. Required degree level: Bachelor degree or equivalent
  3. Type of career: Sociology, International Relations, Social Sciences, Psychology, Political Sciences, Law, Business Administration, Economics, Statistics, Human Rights, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, other Social Sciences or related careers in the field of Humanities.
  4. Required experience: 24 Months
  5. Area of ​​expertise: Political affairs and political reporting, Human rights, Other development program / project experience
  6. Language skills: Spanish and English Language


You can only apply if you have created your profile at https://vmam.unv.org/candidate/signup


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