2021 MEET Africa Entrepreneurship Program for Diaspora Africans

Deadline: February 28, 2021.

The MEET Africa program was born from an observation and a desire shared by two continents. Africa is a continent bubbling with potential and innovation and its European diaspora is a relay that is as dynamic as it is legitimate.

MEET Africa finds its raison d’√™tre by empowering entrepreneurs to contribute to economic development and job creation in their countries of origin. From the provision of targeted information, from putting in touch with support actors and accompaniment to financing, MEET Africa aims to be the organic and organized network of entrepreneurs from the diaspora.


  1. You are an entrepreneur from the African diaspora

2. You must have a business project in Africa or in the dual space of Europe – Africa.


Meet Africa support offers several services:

– Become an active member of a network of entrepreneurs

– Know-how (support: the business model, drafting of the business plan and on all aspects relating to legal structuring, fundraising, etc.),

– Entrepreneurial skills (self-confidence, becoming a business leader)

OFFICIAL LINK: https://meetafrica.fr/programme.html

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