2021 ICFJ Program Manager Recruitment

Deadline: Unspecified

The program manager is responsible for developing, conducting, and evaluating ICFJ programs as assigned and overseeing the flow of information within ICFJ. The program manager acts as a full and active member of the program team to ensure that ICFJ maintains the highest standard of quality and efficiency in all its projects.


  • Taking lead responsibility for individual programs as assigned.
  • Providing logistical support to programs with a Program Director or Senior Program Director assigned.
  • Planning all aspects of the program, with the help of other team members.
  • Communicating with funders; designing strategies and systems for monitoring impact of activities.
  • Recruiting diverse participants, and selecting appropriate curricula and diverse trainers, speakers and/or mentors.
  • Monitoring the budget and maintaining fiscal control of the program.
  • Developing and implementing key program activities including orientations/debriefs, attachments, logistics, workshops, etc. 
  • Writing quarterly and final program reports with the assistance of other program team members.
  • Developing and implementing monitoring-and-evaluation plan.
  • Ensuring program impact is tracked and recorded for use in reports and communications with funders
  • Helping to develop project-management plan for program
  • Implementing processes that improve workflow
  • Overseeing the program consultants.
  • Representing ICFJ at professional conferences, meetings, as assigned.
  • Traveling with participants and consultants for meetings/and or international travel for program implementation
  • Performing other administrative and organizational duties as required and assigned to assist in the effective operation of programs. The program manager may be assigned tasks appropriate to ICFJ’s workload and needs, as well as to the individual’s areas of expertise
  • Seeking and utilizing feedback from diverse sources 
  • Understanding and effectively managing complex group dynamics 
  • Managing DEI practices effectively 
  • Applying best practices in DEI practices, strategies, systems, policies, etc. 


  • Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree is preferred
  • Proficiency in at least one language other than English preferred
  • Minimum of three years relevant work experience in non-profit grant management, including federal grants, and/or relevant journalism role
  • At least two years coordinating non-profit program activities, generating reports, overseeing budget expenditures
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Good knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures
  • The ability to find innovative ways to resolve problems.
  • Demonstrated experience with use of databases and new digital technology
  • Demonstrated written communication skills; strong English-language skills
  • Experience using social media
  • Journalism experience preferred


  • Professional Knowledge: General knowledge of federal-grant regulations; general understanding of best journalistic practices; understanding of program implementation including logistics, timelines, budgets, monitoring and evaluation, deliverables and impact
  • Geographic Knowledge: Understanding of international political, economic and cultural/social environments in which journalists, newsrooms and media entrepreneurs/innovators operate
  • Management: Ability to assign, assess, and review work; ability to evaluate performance
  • Self-Management: Ability to manage workload and adjust to change by prioritizing and/or using new resources to accomplish program goals; ability to complete assignments in a timely manner; ability to work under an appropriate level of supervision; ability to demonstrate professional behavior
  • Critical Thinking: Ability to analyze and problem-solve
  • Commitment to Excellence: Ability to consistently achieve or surpass program deliverables through attention to detail, accuracy and focus on program impact
  • Communications: Ability to communicate program progress and needs effectively to ICFJ supervisors and support staff ; and to funders; ability to communicate program impact effectively online and via social media to ICFJ’s global audiences
  • Technical Knowledge: Understanding and ability to use databases including Salesforce and Google Sheets/Docs; understanding of and ability to use and adopt new digital tools; ability to show ICFJ staff how to use new resources


Applicants must submit a resume, cover letter by going to https://www.tfaforms.com/4871714


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