2021 Global Thinkers Forum Mentoring Program for Athena MENA Women and Telemachus Youths

Deadline: November 25, 2020.

Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) is a non-profit organisation with a core mission to promote values-based thinking and accountability in leadership. Over the years we have been building our diverse network of thought leaders to share their vision for the future, create meaningful conversations and to achieve positive change through our mentoring programmes that support youth and women around the world.

‘Athena’ and ‘Telemachus’ are the most diverse mentoring programmes internationally, linking mentees with professionals and experts from different countries in support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We grow our reach through partnerships with Foundations and Organisations regionally and internationally


  1. You are eligible to apply for ‘Telemachus’ if you are a young individual between 18-29. 
  2. Athena’ is for women above the age of 22 and without age limit.
  3. Applicants with fluent command of English, who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or have equally-relevant professional experience of a minimum of 5 years will be prioritised.
  4. For all their programmes they expect our candidates to manifest motivation, commitment and critical thinking skills


  1. Upon successful completion of the cycle, you will have gained valuable insights for your career, new perspectives and new skills.
  2. Moreover, you will most probably have gained a lifelong friend!
  3. You will receive a programme completion certificate and you will become part of the broader GTF community which will be a network of support to you. You will also earn an optional 3-month internship with GTF.


  1. Please write a motivational letter explaining what you would like to achieve and what your aspirations are.
  2. In your letter show clear understanding of your motivation to be mentored.
  3. Make sure that applications are open for the programme you are interested in.
  4. You can send it directly to [email protected] indicating ‘Mentee Application’ and the mentoring programme you are applying for in the title or use the link above to ‘Mentees Application’



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