2021 Bluvard Leadership Initiative Call for Volunteers

Deadline: Unspecified.

The Disparities in access to education have led to dismal outcomes for youths in underserved communities. Young people from the grassroots often experience disconnect between their educational experiences and the individual and community needs.

At Bluvard Leadership Initiative, They envision a world where youths from the grassroots have equal access to opportunities by equipping them with critical tools necessary to excel in this fast paced world.

They need volunteers to help with the following

  1. Mentoring youths in grassroots communities
  2. Academic tutoring
  3. Digital skills training
  4. Critical thinking using board games
  5. Digital advocacy


  1. Must be passionate about youth capacity development
  2. Must be deeply interested in grassroots development
  3. Preferably, candidates should either be undergraduates or graduates


  1. Opportunity to acquire grassroots leadership and mobilization experience
  2. Access to certified leadership bootcamps and trainings
  3. Access to recommendations by the organization


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