2021 Africa No Filter Emerging Artists Fellows Program

Deadline: February 15, 2021.

Africa No Filter is seeking exceptional emerging artists for a 12-month remote fellowship. Fellows will be expected to develop and deliver a project which demonstrates and/or explores how art and creativity can be used to challenge harmful narratives about Africa and present contemporary, accurate narratives.


  1. The Arts Fellowship welcomes emerging artists from all creative disciplines and invites proposals for both digital and in-person projects, with Africa being the focus.
  2. Fellows are encouraged to propose innovative, groundbreaking projects that have both digital and in-person elements.
  3. Africa No Filter priorities emerging creative practitioners living in Africa (Sub-Saharan and North Africa).
  4. Interested Africans from the diaspora are welcome to apply if they can demonstrate that their work is Africa-focused and includes the collaboration or involvement of creatives living in Africa.


The Fellows Programwill be held remotelyfor the duration of 12 months. Africa No Filter will provide a total of $5000per fellow and will also offer:

•One on one mentorship –each fellow will be assigned with a mentor whom they will virtually meet with once a month

•Monthly fellows meetings for peer to peer skills-sharing

•New networks –we will host quarterly networking events where you will meet with leading creative practitioners

•An annual in-person convening in Fall 2021(subject to change due to COVID-19)

•Feedback on your proposed project

•Marketing and dissemination of your project to our funders and the ANF community

OFFICIAL LINK: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=6jwxHknxm06fdUyyH1IlBhAQCyvL-OVDicHAp5g8rMtUMDdLM1hVRVVJTEo4UU9PVzZJNVRPNkQ0Ti4u

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