2020 Vermont Law School’s Environmental Law Center Media Fellowship

Deadline: March 6, 2020.

At the nation’s premier environmental law school, you can enhance your journalism skills and deepen your understanding of environmental law and policy through our Summer Media Fellowships. Every summer, Vermont Law School’s Environmental Law Center brings together legal educators, policymakers, practicing lawyers and other leaders in their fields to share their expertise in our Summer Session. They also enjoy the beauty of our campus, the historic village of South Royalton and the natural surroundings.


1. Media Fellowships are open to full-time online, print and broadcast journalists who cover the environment, natural resources, energy, legal affairs, public health and other environment-related issues.

2.  Open to staff, freelance, and independent reporters, writers, editors, and producers who are working full time as journalists. Journalism students and teachers, public relations practitioners and contributors to newsletters, magazines and other media controlled by industry, government or advocacy groups are not eligible.


1. Media Fellows audit one two-week course between June and July and have access to our distinguished faculty and visiting policy leaders. (Select your course from Terms Two, Three or Four in the Summer Session catalog.)

2. You will receive a $1,250 stipend, free housing, free books, and a tuition waiver. Family members are welcome to join you.

3. You will learn from experienced litigators who have won major cases and from policy experts in climate change, energy and other key legal areas. After class, you can meet for on- or off-the-record conversations with these thought-provoking experts.

4. You will develop new insights, meet new sources and gain a renewed enthusiasm for covering these critical issues. And after a satisfying day of seminars, conversation and professional growth, you can enjoy the wonders of Vermont by swimming, kayaking, hiking, biking, or just reading and relaxing on your front porch.


 Applicants should submit a resume, two work samples, and an essay of up to 400 words describing their interest in the program. Applicants also should indicate their preferred course in each of Terms 2-4 (see schedule); one fellow will be selected for each term. Send application materials to John Miller: jmiller@vermontlaw.edu.



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