2020 UNRISD Senior Gender Justice and Development Consultant Recruitment

Deadline: July 12, 2020.

UNRISD has long been recognized for its high-quality research on gender equality and social development. Its research has had significant influence on academic debates in the field, and is widely used within the UN, policy making and advocacy communities. Within the context of the Institute’s overall research agenda, which focuses on interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary issues in the areas of social policy and social development, the Gender Justice and Development Programme will take a critical, feminist, and institutional approach, exploring the underlying structures of gendered outcomes, and how to make them more equal. Research will consider the gendered content and impacts of economic, social and environmental policies and processes; the gendered politics of policy making, including the role of women’s movements and organizations; and gendered approaches to sustainable development.

The Senior Gender Justice and Development Consultant will join a small team committed to producing high-quality research that contributes to the realization of equity and social justice in development policy and practice. Building on prior and ongoing research, she/he/they will lead the development of new research projects, identifying critical areas of concern for the UN system within the framework of the UNRISD Institutional Strategy. (Visit www.unrisd.org for details.)


Under the general supervision of the Director of UNRISD, the Senior Gender Justice and Development Consultant will be responsible for the following tasks.

  • Conceptualize, develop and manage the Institute’s research programme in the area of Gender Justice and Development, ensuring its integration within the UNRISD Institutional Strategy and research agenda.
  • Within this programme, create a portfolio of research and activities in three priority areas: (i) feminist perspectives on climate change; (ii) gender, technologies and digital economies; and (iii) anti-genderism and global governance.
  • In all research and other activities, seek to progress and promote an intersectional approach that could have wider benefits across the UN system.
  • Identify research partners, organize meetings and conferences; supervise staff and consultants involved in research and activities; and ensure the quality of outputs produced.
  • Produce high-quality publications, including articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes, policy briefs, and other outputs for a range of audiences.
  • Take the lead in mobilizing resources for the research programme, and contribute to the fundraising activities of the Institute.
  • Contribute to Institute-wide flagship publications, research programmes and special activities.
  • Build and maintain regular contacts within the United Nations system, governments, multilateral donors and the international research community.
  • Act as the focal point for UNRISD in its engagement with the UN system on gender-related issues.
  • Provide policy advice and technical assistance, based on UNRISD research, to United Nations departments and agencies, national and local policy makers, civil society organizations, academic or other institutions.
  • Represent UNRISD in international meetings and academic conferences.
  • Periodically report on progress to the Director, the UNRISD Board and donors.
  • Carry out other activities as agreed within the Institute or assigned by the Director.



  • Professionalism: Demonstrates professional competence as a researcher in the field of gender justice, human rights and social development.
  • Communication: Excellent oral communication and writing skills. Ability to communicate effectively with different target audiences regarding substantive issues.
  • Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational and project goals. Builds consensus for project objectives with colleagues.
  • Leadership: Takes intellectual leadership in substantive areas of work and demonstrates good management skills.
  • Judgement/Decision-Making: Identifies critical issues for research relevant to the work of the UN; develops appropriate research methods and analyses data, drawing policy recommendations aligned with the norms and objectives of the United Nations.



  • A Master’s Degree in the social sciences, with a focus on gender and development. A PhD is strongly desirable.


  • A minimum of eight years of experience in development research at an academic or research institution.
  • A publication record in the field of gender equality, human rights and social development, and expertise in at least one of the priority areas for programme development (indicated under functions, above);
  • Research experience in countries in the global South.
  • Experience in fundraising for social development research projects, project management, and team supervision (including on-location and remote members).


  • Fluent English with proven writing and editing skills; ability to work in other UN languages highly desirable.


  • This is a full-time position with a desired starting date of September 2020.
  • While periods of physical presence at the Institute’s offices at the United Nations in Geneva are highly desirable, there is also flexibility in location to suit the right candidate.
  • Salary will be commensurate with experience and dependent on location.
  • Duration: initial trial period of six months with the possibility of extension.
  • The Senior Gender Justice and Development Consultant will be hired by the United Nations office at Geneva as a Consultant/Individual Contractor. The consultant is responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant tax obligations, social insurance contributions, and appropriate medical and accident insurance coverage for the full duration of employment.
  • UNRISD will cover one return ticket at least costly fare (if the selected candidate is not residing in Geneva).



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