2020 True Story Award for Journalists Worldwide

Deadline: January 24, 2020.

The True Story Award, the first global prize for print and online reporting, is accepting entries for its second edition. Articles, in 12 languages and published in 2019, can be submitted no later than 24 January 2020.

The True Story Award 2020/21, which launches today, provides recognition for exceptional written reports in all countries, in 12 of the world’s most widely used languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Persian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese). It commends articles for excellence in research, reporting and relevance to society.


1. The True Story Award is open to all journalists anywhere in the world who produce written reportage.

2. Works written in other languages can be submitted in two categories: Europe and World

3. Texts in these categories can be entered in English and go directly to the jury.

4. Submissions in the original language must include a summary in English of at least 400 words. In this case, native-speaking readers from our network will review the original text and decide on a translation into English for evaluation by the jury.


The total prize pool is 177 000 Swiss francs, which is divided as follows: the 42 nominees each receive 3 000 francs. This sum will be personally awarded during the True Story Award ceremony.

The main jury will then select the three best texts from the 42 nominees, who will be rewarded as follows:

  1. prize: 30 000 francs.
  2. prize: 20 000 francs. 
  3. prize: 10 000 francs.



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