2020 STEMi Kuongoza Mentorship Program for Women and Girls Across Middle East, South Asia and Africa

Deadline: July 20, 2020..

The Project Kuongoza is a Mentorship and Fellowship program that empowers women and girls across Middle East, South Asia and Africa to lead andbecome more experienced for Africa’s workforce in STEM. This solution is a first-to-market initiative that pairs young girls aged 15 – 25 to Professional women Mentors in STEM where we build a society that guarantees equal access to socio-economic, equitable opportunities, help young girls access new markets, work flexibly and integrate these learned skills – after they are virtually mentored.


  • Between the age of 15 -25 years old
  • Young people rom Africa, Middle East and Asia
  • have a background in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics? Or are you looking at transitioning into Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics
  • Able to commit for one year
  • Proficient in English (at an intermediate level or above)
  • Able to meet with your Mentor online at least two hours a month (using video calling platforms)
  • Willing to complete feedback questionnaires an surveys during the programme
  • Able to access the internet and send emails to your Mentor every week
  • Passionate about working with a Mentor to build your skills and confidence, and achieve key learning objectives
  • Keen to contribute to an international community of Women in STEM?
  • Open to intercultural exchange and learning
  • Keen to participate in our online community, forums and events
  • Ready to embark on a life-changing relationship and join a vibrant mentoring community


1. To be paired with Professional Women in STEM.

2. Free membership to the STEMi Women Network.

3. Access to scholarship funding and research programs.

4. Certificate.-  Professional Support and increase in self confidence, effective communication skills, access to global job markets and enhanced leadership qualities that’ll be most beneficial throughout your careers



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