2020 Screen Nova Scotia Screenwriter Internship Program

Deadline: December 16, 2019.

Screen Nova Scotia is excited to announce the call for applications for the first writers’ room of the 2019/2020 Screenwriter Internship Program. Now in its second year, this television writing training program is designed to help emerging to mid-level Nova Scotian screenwriters grow their network, sharpen their professional skills, and bring new perspectives and ideas to the writers’ rooms of established television series.


1) Be a resident of Nova Scotia;
2) Not be enrolled in any full-time school or university program;
3) Demonstrate ownership of all underlying rights to their original concept;
4) Be a member in good standing of Screen Nova Scotia. (Not a member yet? Join HERE);
5) Demonstrate in the support material an understanding of the fundamentals of television screenwriting, such as story arcs and character development;
6) Commit to the two-week, full-day intensive writers’ room internship (please ensure you are available for the required room dates before applying, as these are not flexible).


Participation in these two-week internships will offer local screenwriter’s hands-on training, industry insight, invaluable experience and practical knowledge to help them advance as writers of compelling scripts for television. Their experience will also make them ideal candidates for local producers who are looking for talent to develop projects within Nova Scotia.


In addition to completing and submitting the online Application Form HERE, entrants must send SNS the following:

1) A letter of interest and intent describing why you believe this program is right for you, based on your background and career objectives;
2) A resume/CV that includes credits as well as relevant education and training;
3) A current letter of reference (2018-2019) from a recognized industry professional;
4) A writing sample: One script for either a 1-hour or 1/2-hour TV series. Not eligible are feature film scripts, co-written scripts, and spec scripts for existing television series.

When submitting, please save all support materials in .PDF format and send to: info@screennovascotia.com with the subject line “Screenwriter Internship Program”. Be sure to submit the online Application Form at the same time, so all materials are received together.

OFFICIAL LINK: https://screennovascotia.com/news/screenwriter-internship-program/

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