2020 One Young World Summit in Germany Workshop Application

Deadline: June 26,2020.

As the global forum for young leaders, One Young World Delegates attending the annual Summit hail from +190 countries across the globe, representing every sector.

Workshops are a crucial part of the One Young World Summit, providing Delegates with practical insights into the issues and topics they are most passionate about. All workshops hosted during the Summit will deliver immediately applicable skills, techniques, ideas and/or processes which Delegates can implement in their projects and initiatives. Workshops that have previously received highest praise from Delegates were interactive and/or scenario based. This includes the use of scenario based challenges, problem solving, challenge/goal setting, as well as shared Delegate experiences.


When applying, please keep in mind the following:

  • Content is relevant to Delegates and the Summit themes
  • Content is interactive and engaging for Delegates
  • Content delivers lasting, impactful learning outcomes/key objectives
  • Structure and flow of the workshop

Room Specifications: This year, all workshop spaces will either be arranged in a theater or round table style. Please take these details into account and how they may impact the structure and/or format of your proposed session.


  • The Climate Crisis – 10 Years To Go, Can We Deliver The Paris Agreement?
  • Rights and Freedoms – How Can We Defend Rights Online and Offline?
  • Education – How Can We Prepare For The 4th Industrial Revolution?
  • Conflict Resolution – Authoritarianism Is On The Rise; How can we De-Escalate Tensions?
  • Future Economies – How Can Economic Growth Be More Just?


You may save your application progress at any point, and return to this same draft when you are ready to complete it. If you would like additional space to take any notes or to prepare answers on the application, we have included a template below for reference: Click here to download

If you would like to see some examples of workshops previously hosted at the One Young World 2019 Summit London, please review the attached document: click here to download

OFFICIAL LINK: https://www.oneyoungworld.com/workshop-application-2020


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