2020 Lazord Fellowship for Young Leaders in Egypt

Deadline: July 4, 2020.

The Lazord partners are pleased to announce the opening of applications to become a 2020-2021 Lazord Fellow. As a Lazord Fellow, you would be joining a multi-dimensional program that seeks to empower its fellows to develop a critical understanding of civic engagement, and to improve their leadership and technical skills for their future careers in all sectors. The program achieves its mission through offering mentoring, providing job
opportunities in organizations striving to advance the common good, and creating enriched educational opportunities.
The first Lazord Fellowship began in Egypt in 2010. It currently has chapters in Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia, working with over 50 organizations. The fellowship is a yearlong regional program that includes a chance for the chapters and fellows in Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia to meet all
together twice a year (whether in person, or virtually).* After a competitive recruitment effort, fellows are selected in each of the 3 countries and placed for one year in a local organization.
The fellowship offers trainings, mentorship, and networking opportunities to fellows, guiding them through their year and helping them realize their full potential as responsible leaders.


♦ For public universities graduates: open to all graduates from any field
♦ For private university graduates: need-based scholarship granted for at least 2 years;
♦ Having graduated in 2018 or after
♦ Proven record of being civically engaged
♦ Ready to commit to a one-year full-time fellowship starting September 2020
♦ Be available to attend the annual International Conference* from September 21 to September 25
♦ Have local residency status and authorization to work in the country of the fellowship to which you are applying.


Fellows will:
♦ be hosted for one year in a local non-profit or for-profit organization;
♦ receive a living stipend (based on local living costs)
♦ be offered a minimum of 18 training sessions by influential civil society leaders and professional trainers on an array of topics pertaining to civil society, entrepreneurship
management, leadership, team building, business skills, and much more;
♦ receive monthly mentoring sessions with professional mentors with civil society experience

♦ have networking opportunities with professionals and influential individuals from all sectors – both local and international
♦ males applying from Egypt have to either be exempt from military service, already received the certificate of exemption, or be done with their service
♦ attend the annual opening and closing International Conferences* with the regional cohort of fellows from all 3 countries.



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