2020 Kectil Leadership Program for Youths from Developing Countries

Deadline: October 31, 2019.

“KECTIL” is an acronym that refers to the Knowles Educational and Charitable Trust for International Leadership.The Program works to achieve these goals in three parts: a one-year Web-based Program, the Developing Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta, United States, and the Alumni Network.

The Kectil Web-based Program consists of 12 Modules:

  1. Introduction and Mission
  2. Lessons on Leadership from Martin Luther King and other transformational change makers
  3. Enabling Women to Succeed in Society
  4. Population Growth and its Effect on Youth & Youth Unemployment and Poverty Employment
  5. Colonialism and Occupation
  6. Innovation to Advance Society
  7. Entrepreneurship and Corporate Product Development
  8. Environmental Sustainability
  9. Personal and Group Management
  10. Good Government
  11. Local Projects to Improve Communities
  12. Wrap-up and What’s Next?



1. High potential youth (aged 17-26) in least developed and developing countries

2. Applicants who have demonstrated a talent and passion for leadership, scholarship or innovation.

3. Proficient in English

4. Have access to a computer and the internet.



1. Web-Based Mentoring Program: Monthly Kectil Talks with Leaders in Science, Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Public Service.

2. Assignments & Sharing: Connect with other students on social media (Facebook & Twitter) with facilitated web-based group discussions.

3. Youth Leadership Conference: Intensive Leadership Training, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop, Meetings with Successful Leaders, and Creation of Network of Youth Peers in Developing Countries.

4. Alumni Web-Portal: Maintenance of Network of Youth Peers in Developing Countries, Interaction with New Youth Participants, Availability of Mentorship from Program




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