2020 Katerva Awards for Global Sustainability Recognition

Deadline: March 15, 2020.

Katerva isn’t looking for ideas that will improve the world in small increments. We are looking for game-changers and industry breakers; ideas that leap efficiency, lifestyle, consumption and action a generation ahead of current thinking. Single-digit percent change isn’t enough. We’re looking for triple-digit and beyond. We’re looking for what are truly the most promising and impactful ideas!

These ideas have to survive a rigorous review process involving 600+ professionals, 4 filtering phases, and 2 stages of focused review in order to be called the best, most promising on the planet.


The Katerva Award program covers the gamut of sustainable innovations – anything that has the potential to achieve greater global wealth and human well-being while reducing our impact on the planet.

  1.  Food & Water
  2.  Cities & Mobility
  3.  Energy & Environment
  4.  Health & Wellbeing
  5.  Education & Human Resources


Nominees must meet the following six criteria:

  1. original
  2. readily available
  3. positive social/environmental impact
  4. financially viable
  5. scientifically feasible
  6. scalable



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