2020 EDCTP-TDR Clinical Research and Development Fellowships

Deadline: February 28, 2020.

The Clinical Research and Development Fellowship (CRDF) scheme is jointly implemented by EDCTP (European-Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership) and TDR.

EDCTP will fund fellows employed by a sub-Saharan African legal entity (the fellow’s home organization) to
be placed in European-based host organizations – pharmaceutical companies, Contract Research
Organizations (CROs) and Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) – to train and develop specific clinical
research skills of relevance to Infectious Diseases of Poverty (IDPs).
TDR will fund fellows employed by academic and research institutions in any low- and middle-income country
(LMIC), not limited to those in the sub-Saharan Africa region, to be placed in pharmaceutical companies, PDPs
and academic affiliated research organizations, either in or outside Europe, to train and develop new
research skills on infectious diseases.



Fellow should:
• be a postgraduate (MSc or PhD) or medical/pharmacy graduate conducting clinical research activities
in the scope of TDR.
• have obtained the first degree within 15 years of submission of the application.
• have been a researcher or clinical staff member employed for the last 12 months in an institution
with a registered legal entity in LMIC conducting clinical research activities in the scope of TDR.
• must be a national or citizen of, and resident in, a LMIC.



The application should be sent in electronic format (Word or PDF only) to cdftdr@who.int on the TDR
application form. Reference letters must be attached electronically. The following information should be
1. Full name with the family name underlined.
2. Date of birth, gender and nationality (copy of information page of passport or other identification
document may be requested later).
3. Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of institution where the applicant is employed.
All applicants must have permanent employment.
4. Telephone number and e-mail address for personnel contact and possible interview (if not the same
as institutional telephone number above #3) must be included.
5. Educational qualifications, including place of study and graduation date (transcripts and copies of
qualifications are not required but may be requested later).
6. A description (1-page maximum) of the applicant’s current post and of the post held immediately
7. A description (1-page maximum) of the applicant’s current work/research interests including
disease(s) interest.
8. A description (1-page maximum) of competencies and skills the applicant would like to acquire during
the fellowship.
9. A description (1-page maximum) of how the applicant, if selected, plans to apply the acquired skills
and knowledge after returning to home country/institution.
10. An endorsement from the Director of the applicant’s home institution testifying the ability of the
applicant to successfully undertake the training proposed and certifying that the applicant, if selected,
will be financially supported as a leave of absence. The Director has also to indicate how the proposed
training will strengthen the institution’s capability, to conduct clinical research upon return of the
11. A list of the applicant’s publications and other abstracts or presentations.
12. A letter of recommendation from two senior scientists/professors that includes their full name,
address, telephone number and e-mail address. Please scan and include these with the application.

All applications must be received at cdftdr@who.int

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