2020 Coady International Institute Leadership for Citizen-Led Development Program

Deadline: December 31, 2019.

In a globalized world, citizenship is rooted not in narrow, legalistic definitions of nationality but in the rights and responsibilities of local residents to determine effectively and collectively the futures of their communities through social mobilization, active engagement, and accountable governance. Leadership for Citizen-Led Development brings together a diverse cohort of learners and leaders committed to fostering social, economic, and political change processes that are citizen-led and community-driven. Through a blend of classroom, community, and on-line engagement, the course builds on participants’ lived experience and knowledge and enhanced through the lens of critical reflection. The participant-focused, participatory approach to education is learner-centered, asset-based, and holds the potential for both personal growth and societal transformation.

The program structure comprises three distinct elements over a ten-month period:

  • A one month pre-residential phase (April 2020) in which the participants undertake some initial readings and frame a proposed change initiative that will engage stakeholders in making change happen in their communities and organizations;
  • A three month residential phase (May 9 – August 1, 2020) at Coady Institute, on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada, in which the full cohort of participants will be exposed to a range of strategies and skills required for launching new change processes and/or supporting and strengthening those change processes that are already underway. Participants will share and learn from their own diverse experiences in seeing change through to a successful conclusion, while observing firsthand how similar processes play out in Atlantic Canada;
  • A five month post-residential phase (September 2020 – February 2021) in which participants are supported by Institute staff and associates as they undertake their individual change initiatives and reflect upon the interplay between practice and learning.


  • A track record (at least 5 years experience) in community, social or economic development with a demonstrated leadership role that exhibits a commitment to and passion for citizen-led change processes;
  • A responsible position in a credible development organization (civil society organization, community-based organization, donor/philanthropic agency, research institution, social movements, social enterprise, etc.);
  • A minimum of college level education;
  • Evidence of critical thinking, innovation and creative problem-solving related to development issues;
  • A proposed change initiative;
  • Capacity to cover course fees and travel costs; and
  • Strong oral and written English language.



  • Enhanced understanding of key concepts and approaches for successful citizen-led development;
  • Strengthened capacities in providing leadership to community-based change initiatives; and
  • Deepened appreciation of the values underlying a people-centred, asset-based approach to addressing the global challenges of our time.

Participants will be familiar with concepts and approaches related to:

  • The role of leadership in citizen-led change processes;
  • Change, power, systems, gender, globalization, sustainability and resilience;
  • Social, economic and political change processes, with a focus on those that are citizen-led, community-driven and transformative;
  • The dynamics (challenges and opportunities) of governance, politics, and accountability at community-level and beyond;
  • The role of organizations, partnerships, networks, alliances and movements in making change happen.

Participants will have strengthened knowledge and skills related to:

  • Facilitating and leading change in organizations, communities, and beyond;
  • Strategic and tactical analysis of issues related to accountable democracies, inclusive economies, and resilient communities;
  • Applying values and lenses (including equity, inclusion, participation and transparency) to their approaches, leadership and other activities;
  • Adult and popular education, reflective practice and action research; and
  • Community organizing, facilitation and group dynamics.

Participants will have successfully:

  • Engaged in a diverse, intercultural peer-to-peer learning environment;
  • Reflected on their own practices, motivations and attitudes towards their work, leadership and vision of the world;
  • Planned, implemented, and evaluated change initiatives that address issues of inclusive economies, community resilience, and accountable democracies; and
  • Formed a global cohort of change leaders supportive of one another’s work and learning.




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