2020 Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program in London

Deadline: January 15, 2020.

The Charity Entrepreneurship program are now accepting early applications to Incubation Program 2020. The program will be held from June 29 to August 28 in London, UK.  Apply now to increase your odds of getting in. The two-month, fully cost-covered boot camp will take you from a basic familiarity with starting charities to being fully prepared to create and operate an effective organization. Management, fundraising, impact analysis – everything you need to know will be taught by mentors who have experience establishing multiple EA charities



Each year their research team spends thousands of hours researching potential charity ideas, building on large bodies of research by external organizations. Only the best interventions make it onto our list of top charity ideas.


They choose participants who, in our view, have the greatest potential to start new, effective charities from our list. They then provide them with two months of intensive training.


They give you seed funding, legal support, and connections to donors, mentors, and potential employees who all want to see you succeed. The rest is up to you!


1. Many startups and charities are launched by people who have more life experience. 

2. In terms of skills or knowledge that you can acquire through formal education (or through self-directed learning or online courses)

3. Credentials are significantly less important in entrepreneurship compared to other fields. In considering candidates for the program, they will not be given any weight except insofar as they are in a relevant field or are indicative of intelligence and diligence. 


1. Their seed funding will give you a strong start. New organizations will receive seed grants of up to $100,000 per co-founding team. We’ll handle initial legal hurdles so that you have time to focus on what matters. You’ll also be able to use our co-working space for one year, free of charge, to work on your new charity.

2. Tap into Effective Altruism’s powerful, worldwide network of mentors, funders, and skilled workers. They’ll feature you in their networking events and connect you to the right people.

3. You’ll be trained directly by our team for two months, during which time they’ll pay for your tuition, flights, meals, and housing.

4. After you graduate, they continue to provide one-on-one mentorship weekly for up to 12 months after the charity’s founding.



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