2020 CatchLight Visual Leadership Fellowship for Visual StoryTellers

Deadline: February 4, 2020.

Now in its fourth year, CatchLight continues to search for innovative visual storytellers and leaders committed to advancing and growing the field of visual storytelling. The grant applications are due before midnight PST on February 4, 2020.

Last year CatchLight supported a large-scale peace-building VR project led by Sparsh Ahuja, Alexandra Bell’s exploration of what a solutions journalism framework could look like in a futuristic newspaper, Tasneem Alsultan’s collaborative storytelling approach to connect women and their stories throughout Saudi Arabia and Pierre Terdjiman’s  innovative education and engagement model.  

As part of CatchLight’s commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the visual storytelling field, CatchLight is looking to support innovative leaders who work to help grow and further the profession. CatchLight invests in impact — both on the visual storytelling field overall and the social issues our Fellows address. 


1. They are looking for exceptional talent, commitment to effective distribution and a drive to define impact on a key issue of the visual storyteller’s choosing.

2. The Fellowship is open to all people of all ages and all countries who work with visual communication, including videographers and photographers working with lens-led technology for the purposes of visual storytelling, and a specific commitment to effecting change.

3. Applicants may work in a broad range of visual formats including photography, data visualization, video, audio, motion or VR.

4. Applicants must apply as individuals. Business entities and institutions will not be eligible.

5. CatchLight will look favorably on applicants who demonstrate willingness to work collaboratively with distribution and impact partners, including media organizations and advocacy experts, to develop their projects and maximize the reach of the work.


1. In addition to a $30,000 grant, the fellowship offers mentorship, personalized project development and networking opportunities from CatchLight staff and our extended network of partners.

2. You will develop a personalized Fellowship roadmap to help you get the most out of the program and have exposure to opportunities within the CatchLight network such as mentorship roles, education activities, and speaking engagements. 



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