2020 British Council Nigeria Call for Creative Designer: Digital Inclusion Report

Deadline: March 8, 2020.

West Africa Digital Inclusion explores the activity and visibility of West African arts and artists online and how they are developing digital skills to amplify their creative expressions and further support economic development. As part of this, case studies and a survey were conducted in the four west african countries we operate in (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone). The aim was to investigate the key issues at the intersection of arts and digital tools in content creation and production.

In order to disseminate this research report, British Council is offering creative designers; graphics designers and multimedia designers the opportunity to design a digital version of the report. The outputs will need to convey key findings from the report in a clear and exciting way and be easily shareable across all common digital platforms. 


Applicants should provide the following in a zip folder of not more than 8MB;

  1. CV (no longer than 4 pages, in English)
  2. Cover letter/Statement of interest;
  3. References list;
  4. Samples of the design work and previous projects;
  5. Fees/price list for aforementioned activities and deliverables
  6. Letter of reference from bank
  7. Letter of reference from at least two past clients
  8. Taxpayer identification number (TIN)
  9. Valid means of ID
  10. Recent sized passport photograph



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