2020 British Council Creative Economy Call for Proposals from Festival Professionals and Consultants based in UK

Deadline: January 14, 2020.

Festivals for the Future India is the British Council’s three-year arts programme in India, focused on  supporting the long-term development, economic empowerment, and progress of India’s emerging arts festivals sector.

The workshop Making Your Festival Scalable, Sustainable, and Successful forms part of the wider programme, and will specifically focus on business planning, festival finances and advancing programming practice and will take place 9-13 March 2020 in South India. 


  • Challenge participants in their knowledge and expertise in festival management and impart new skills and approaches to festival management. 
  • Share new professional expertise in business, finance and operations of running a succesful festival, to encourage confidence.
  • Participants learn new professional expertise in business, finance and operations of running a successful festival, and leave the course confident that they can apply the learning to support their festival strategies in their local contexts.
  • Introduce new approaches in programming, curation and artistic development which will enable participants to advance and cultivate their pratice.
  • Participants will draft and produce a festival business plan and the toolkit for their festivals three  years vision.


1. Participants will have already gained significant experience and knowledge in festival management and will be looking to deepen their knowledge, learn new skills and to apply the course learning to the festivals that they operate and programme.

2. Therefore the workshop will design require theoretical and practical exercises.

3. They are looking to appoint two UK based festival professionals to work alongside an India counterpart to co-design and deliver the workshop.


  • Overview and outline of delivery proposal, skills offer addressing the outline above and potential ideas for theoretical and practical training addressing the core components identified and the core objectives set by the British Council.
  •  Relevant festival experience, including festival specialism
  • Information on relevant international experience of designing workshops and facilitating training.
  • Confirmation of availability (including travel) between 8-14 March, 2020. Total days of contract 12.5 days per trainer for preparation and delivery.
  • Confirmation of UK Passport and/or right to work abroad.



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