2020 AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub Digital Cluster Program for Young Leaders

Deadline: March 6, 2020

The Hub is an unprecedented approach to youth inclusion in the AU-EU partnership. Based on the Youth Agenda, with concrete ideas to address challenges affecting youth on both continents, 42 Young Experts from Africa and Europe are overseeing innovative projects funded by the EU and implemented by Civil Society Organisations.

The Hub’s clusters cover 6 areas with a pilot initiative for each:

1. Education & Skills
2. Peace & Security
3. Business, Jobs & Entrepreneurship (2 pilot initiatives)
4. Environment & Climate Change
5. Art, Culture & Sport
6. Governance, Citizen Engagement & Remittances


All of the Hub Pilot projects have a strong digital dimension.

1. They are looking for 5 Young Experts (2 from Africa, 2 from Europe, 1 from the Diaspora.

2. Applicants between 21 and 35 years old) to join this adventure and form the Digital Cluster.

3. The Cluster will support the CSO in the Implementation of the Pilot projects from a technological standpoint, hand in hand with the youth of the other clusters.


Contributing towards user-centered, cutting edge’ solutions for social change:

1. Adapt/help create and/or give feedback on mobile tools for field user-friendly massive data collection by youth (ex. on basic services in conflict zones, on public authorities’ local environmental commitments);

2. Adapt, help create and/or give feedback about platforms for the presentation of geo-based data (services in conflict zones, youth accountability, remittances, re-greening and carbon exchange, and overall dynamic reporting on all Hub projects’ results);

3. Adapt/help create and/or give feedback on knowledge management platforms enabling individual and group communication between Europe and Africa, and facilitating training and investment (ex. artists and creatives, educators and students, youth in accountability processes, SME incubators and investors).


You will be:

1. Working on amazing, concrete projects.
2. Joining a dynamic innovative collaboration model, with youth at the core of all decision-making;
3. Helping to ensure answers to critical common European and African youth challenges;
4. Gaining personal visibility with the Hub, a highly observed process (including by the EU and AU institutions);
5. Developing contacts with cutting edge organisations in the digital sector and well-known private sector companies (Hub mentors, partners and stakeholders).

Once selected, what’s expected of you?

1. Time to volunteer during 2020 (workload mostly between April and early September) and first part of 2021. Your involvement might reach up to 4 hours a week.
2. 1 to 3 field missions to visit and report on project implementation
3. Virtual communications and updates to the Hub and CSO.

OFFICIAL LINK: https://www.aueuyouthhub.org/

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