2020 Africave Fellowship Program for Young Africans

Deadline: November 15, 2019.

Africa’s true growth story cannot be harnessed if its young people are not equipped, mentored and connected to become socially responsible leaders. Africave provides world-class professional personal mentoring. Our mentoring process prioritizes feedback, accountability, self-motivation, and ambition. Africave Fellows benefit from the knowledge capital of our mentors and partners.



1. Citizenship of an African country

2. Demonstrated Academic Excellence, evidenced by academic transcripts, fellowships, etc

3. Entrepreneurial drive and ambition

4. Professional accomplishment e.g internships, work experience useful

5. A high degree of self-motivation, drive, and willingness to learn, try new approaches and drive resolution of issues.

6. A desire to proactively grow personally,  entrepreneurially and professionally

7. A deep sense of cultural commitment to the development of Africa and its people.

8. A positive and proactive approach to building relationships

Africave Fellows are young leaders demonstrating:

1. Academic Excellence

2. Professional accomplishment

3. Entrepreneurial agility

4. Resilience & Commitment




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