2020 Acumen UK Fellowship Programme

Deadline: April 6, 2020.

Starting in 2020, each year the UK Fellows Programme brings together 20 bold and brilliant people who are committed to tackling issues of poverty and injustice in the UK – and equips them with the knowledge, skills and
community to accelerate and sustain their impact.


Fellows come from all walks of life and are redefining how we measure
success; they are building radical new solutions to bridge divides, connecting
our communities, empowering our youth, standing with our vulnerable,
protecting our environment, serving us all.

All Fellows have demonstrated a commitment to tackling inequality and
injustice through their work, and are:
1. Building solutions based on a deep understanding of the issue
2. Making a long-term play to change the system you are working in
3. Influencing change in your current work, formally or informally
4. Ready to undergo an intensive year-long leadership journey


The Fellows Programme develops your capacity to take on long standing problems of poverty and injustice. You should expect an intensive year-long leadership journey grounded in:
1. Learning that is immediately applied to your work
2. Diverse cohorts from across sectors and backgrounds
3. Peer coaching that challenges and accompanies you in your practice
4. Learnings from Acumen’s global community social innovators

Over the Fellowship year you will build the tools and mindset to:
1. Lead diverse stakeholders through recurring and complex challenges
2. Articulate a vision that speaks across lines of difference & moves others into action
3. Understand larger, systemic problems and design more effective interventions
4. Navigate uncertainty and embrace the meaningful process of creating change
5. Cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and your work in a broader context



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