2020 4th HIV Research For Prevention Conference

Deadline: April 20, 2020 & April 23, 2020.

HIVR4P is dedicated to ensuring the conference participation of researcher, community activists, civil society representatives and journalists, especially those from resource-limited countries and communities. In prioritizing the participation in the programme of groups and individuals from these settings, the conference creates pathways for the direct dissemination of scientific knowledge and best practices from the conference to local programmes and individuals in communities where it can be actively and effectively implemented.



  • Graduate students, fellows or junior faculty within two years of faculty appointment, who are actively involved in HIV prevention research;
  • HIV Research areas may include, but is not limited to, basic science, product development, pre-clinical or clinical research, social and behavioural science, and public health;
  • Being first author on an abstract submission to HIVR4P 2020.


  • Individuals who are actively involved in HIV prevention as a community advocate, educator, care provider or in a related prevention-focused role;
  • Individuals who can effectively communicate knowledge gained at the conference to the communities they represent.


Applications are welcome from all journalists reporting on HIV in any country. Applications are evaluated based on:

  • The impact of the media organization to be represented;
  • The applicant’s previous experience covering HIV and HIV prevention;
  • The applicant’s geographic location;
  • The strength of their motivation to attend and an evaluation of their supporting documents including media clips.


Scholarship applicants can request one or more of the following grants:

  • Conference registration (includes access to all sessions)
  • Travel (pre-paid round trip, compliant to the Fly America Act)
  • Accommodation (check-in 10 October, check-out 15 or 16 October 2020)

The conference offers full scholarships, as well as registration-only scholarships. Scholarships are awarded based on the availability of funds and the process is highly competitive.

OFFICIAL LINK: https://www.hivr4p.org/scholarships/#tab-id-3

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