2019 Yoti Fellowship Programme for Young Leaders

Deadline: June 15, 2019.

Social Impact Strategy are excited to announce the launch of the Yoti Fellowship Programme, one of the signature activities from our new Social Impact Strategy. From today we will be inviting applications from individuals interested in helping unlock the potential of digital identities with a particular focus on local, grassroots issues. In return, Fellows will be offered generous financial and logistical support, expenses and a chance to have their findings shared with the wider world.



They are primarily interested in issues, challenges and opportunities for digital identity in a local context. More specifically, we invite applications which focus on any of the following thematic areas.

  • Unlocking the challenges of providing and managing identity solutions among refugee, migrant, marginalised or economically exploited communities or individuals.
  • Studying the difficulties experienced by indigenous communities in establishing and proving identity, as well as claiming any state benefits they may be eligible for.
  • Unpicking what ‘digital identity’ and identity more broadly means to communities in developing countries (including those living in or close to the last mile) and the NGOs and local organisations providing services to them.
  • Any other issues which warrant investigation which are not yet part of the wider digital identity debate.



1. Fellows need to meet, and agree to, the following in order to be eligible for the

2. Applicants will carry out their Fellowships from their home countries. However,
holding a passport – or being able to get one if needed – would be an advantage in case you need to travel.

3. Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential. You must also produce
any written materials in English.

4. Applicants must be able to provide evidence that they can deliver on their
Fellowship proposal, either through a strong CV and / or links to previous
(related) work.

5. Applicants must be able to provide at least one reference – ideally two – from a
qualified person such as a teacher, professor or former employer confirming that,
in their opinion, the Fellow is able to carry out the activities proposed.

6. The proposal must fit in with one or more of the thematic areas of the Fellowship
Programme. Ideally, Fellows should be able to demonstrate a strong connection
to the problem, opportunity or issue their proposal addresses.

7. Applicants must have a bank account that can accept their quarterly payments
using electronic transfer.

8. Applicants must be able to work full time on their Fellowship over the course of
the year.



1. To give Fellows the financial freedom to focus all their time and energy on
their project over 12 months, Yoti will provide the Fellow the sum of £30,000
(approximately US$38,000) paid in quarterly installments and subject to Fellows
successfully providing brief progress reports.

2. They will also make available £5,000 (approximately US$8,000) for local travel and other project-related expenses, subject
to advance approval by Yoti.




Click here to apply

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