2019 Women Leaders in Global Health Program: Call for Abstracts

Deadline: August 30, 2019.

This call for abstracts will be used to identify 108 outstanding applicants; i.e. young health researchers, young health service providers and young health program managers, who will be selected to share their personal experiences or research papers. Among the best, 18 will be selected for oral presentations.

Submitted abstracts can have one of the following focuses:

1. Research (scientific outcomes pertaining to the conference topics/ agenda)
2. Leadership in service delivery
(presenting women’s leadership in health service delivery- challenges, successes and lessons learned)



They look forward to applications from different groups including home-based care practitioners, nurses, midwives, community health works, medical doctors, and others who are looking for opportunities to engage in this global platform.

The abstract should be organized under the following headings:

  • The topic of the abstract

  • Title

  • Authorship and affiliation

  • Introduction and Objectives/Background/context

  • Methods/Approach

  • Results/Outcomes

  • Discussion

  • Challenges

  • Conclusion and recommendation

Abstract length

Title: No more than 75 characters

Text: No more than 250 words (excluding the title, authors and affiliations)



1. The winners of this call will be granted full scholarship to attend the conference (transport, accommodation, and registration to the conference). All applicants must register on the website, however, the winners will not be required to pay registration fees.

2. Submission of the abstract will indicate that the author is willing to register, attend the conference and present the paper to the plenary, either in a verbal presentation or poster format.

  1. Oral paper presentation- Outstanding abstracts will be invited for oral presentation. Eighteen of the outstanding abstracts will be selected for presentation in a two-hour plenary session. Nine of these will be young African health service providers and nine young African health researchers. Selected presenters will each make 5 minutes oral presentations in a plenary session at the Women Leaders in Global Health Conference.

  2. Poster presentation: Abstracts which are relevant for the conference but and not invited for oral presentation, could be invited for a poster presentation.




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