2019 UNESCO/UNOCT Arab World Heritage Young Professionals Forum Consultant Recruitment

Deadline: August 19, 2019.

The Arab World Heritage Young Professionals Forum will be organized in December 2019,within the framework of UNESCO/UNOCT project on the Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) through Youth Empowerment in Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.
The Forum would aim to engage and empower youth in the Arab States region in their critical roles as global citizens towards peace building through the protection and conservation of World Heritage. It would incorporate the use of non-formal education tools including workshops, group discussions, roundtables and possible site visits and hands-on activities, conducted by experts and facilitators.
The incumbent will work under the overall authority of the Chief of the Policy and Statutory Meetings Unit at the World Heritage Centre and under the direct supervision of the Associate Project Officer of the World Heritage Education Programme at the Policy and Statutory Meetings Unit.



1. Conceptualize, develop and draft a concept note for the Forum with particular focus on peace building, PVE and World Heritage, and prepare the subsequent project
implementation plan with a specific timeline.

2. Conceptualize and develop the programme of the Forum, design its curriculum and
activities focusing on the theme of peacebuilding and PVE through the protection and
conservation of World Heritage, and provide inputs on the use of the appropriate nonformal education tools.

3.  Identify appropriate resource persons specialized in peacebuilding and PVE related
initiatives, in consultation with UNESCO. Collaborate with them to develop the contents and the Programme of the Forum further, and ensure its implementation.

4. Liaise with the relevant project team and resource persons, in the planning and
implementation of all project activities.

5. Provide inputs of the qualification criteria for the participants to be selected.

6. Provide inputs on peacebuilding and PVE for the communication and visibility plan, to support and advocate the project.

7. Facilitate the implementation of the Forum in person.



The consultant shall have the following qualifications:

1. Advanced university degree (Masters or equivalent) in human or social sciences,
heritage, education or relevant fields.

2. At least 2-4 years of relevant professional experience with particular experience in
handling peace-building projects and other PVE related initiatives.

3. Experience in managing projects in the Arab States region is an asset.

4. Excellent communication skills in English (French would be an asset).

5. Knowledge of the World Heritage Convention will be a further asset.



UNESCO is inviting written proposals from Individuals for the work assignment described above.
Your written proposal should comprise:
a) A Technical Proposal consisting of:
• an up to date curriculum vitae (UNESCO format)
• an approach and methodology for the assignment, including a work plan in line with the Terms of Reference.
b) The amount to be charged for the assignment, which should be quoted in US dollars or in euros only for the period 2 September 2019 – 15 December 2019 as a monthly fee.
c)Your proposal and supporting documents must be in English.

d) The e-mail should be addressed to Ms Ines Yousfi at i.yousfi@unesco.org




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