2019 UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Week Youth Agenda Forum

Deadline: June 10, 2019.

The Global MIL Week 2019 Youth Agenda Forum is a UNESCO Youth Space. It is youth-oriented, designed for youth, led by youth and open to all public. It creates a space during the period of the Global MIL Week Feature Conference that is fully dedicated to youth, and serves as a platform for awareness-raising, knowledge and experience sharing, capacity building, problem solving, and networking. It focuses on youth involvement in MIL as co-leaders and co-creators and not only as beneficiaries.

Youth from local schools, universities and youth organizations as well as young participants from around the world are invited to the event. The forum may include panel discussions, brief talks, presentations, hands-on workshops, brainstorming, poster and video presentations, as well as games, hackathons, etc.



1. Eligible youth must be from 18 to 30 years old

2. Young people who study, research or work in fields related to MIL (media, information and library science, ICTs, communications, social development, etc.), from all UN regions: Africa, Arab States, Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, and Latin America and the Caribbean.



  • Round-trip air ticket from the country of departure to Gothenburg, Sweden;
  • Accommodation and meals during the stay in Gothenburg, from 23 to 26 September 2019;
  • Opportunity to present during the 2019 Global MIL Week Youth Agenda Forum.



1. Applicants are encouraged to read more about UNESCO‚Äôs work on MIL and confirm how their own interest, research, project or activity aligns with MIL before applying.

2. Each candidate must apply online by completing this online submission form, and read the instructions carefully.

3. The most convincing candidates will be supported. UNESCO respects geographical and gender balance, so youth, especially young girls, from all regions from the world are encouraged to apply.




Click here to apply

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