2019 UN Environment International Green Gown Awards

Deadline: March 29, 2019.

The International Green Gown Awards are supported by UN Environment and are open to any university or college across the world.

  • Is your institution the most sustainable institution of the year?
  • Is your institution benefitting society?
  • Is your institution empowering students?

Endorsed by UN Environment, they are looking for inspirational sustainability leaders. Recognising exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by the world’s universities and colleges, the International Green Gown Awards set the bar and put every learning institution at the heart of delivering the UN Global Goals.



1. Benefitting Society: As anchor institutions in their communities and cities, universities and colleges benefit society in many ways. This category captures the powerful and innovative ways education institutions are realising their purpose in today’s society to benefit the lives of individuals, communities and wider society. Examples will range from economic, social and environmental impacts with organisations and sectors outside the institution where innovative new approaches to bringing positive benefit can be found.

2. Student Engagement: This category reflects that students and staff must work together to achieve goals using “top-down” and “bottom-up grass roots” methods to achieve maximum understanding and engagement across an institution. This in turn aids student progress and allows for opportunities to gain transferable employability skills. It looks at both the student input and the staff commitment and the relationship between the two. It must be clear that initiatives include both staff and students (not just one party) working in partnership.

3. Sustainability Institution of the Year: This category recognises sustained, whole-institution commitment and impact to becoming a sustainable organisation.



1. All categories are open to any tertiary education establishment  – including all post-16 year old educational institutions such as colleges, universities and learning and skills institutions globally.

2. There is no limit on the number of applications or categories each institution can enter. Entry is free of charge.



1. The International Green Gown Awards provide a setting where the world’s universities and colleges gather with  governments, business and wider civil society to celebrate leading sustainability initiatives on a global scale

2. The Awards offer a unique opportunity to associate your brand with the world’s leading international sustainability awards for the higher and further education sector.

3. Aligning with the International Green Gown Awards will help your business to celebrate and influence the world’s students – our leaders of tomorrow.




International Green Gown Awards

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