2019 SDSN Youth Recruitment, Building remote & Local Teams Volunteer Recruitment

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At SDSN Youth, they empower young people to take meaningful action on the Sustainable Development Goals. By joining our global team, you will be working with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals with a variety of cultural, religious and political backgrounds, committed to sustainable development.

SDSN Youth would not be able to exist without its vast network of volunteers, a truly global team brought together to achieve one mission – empowering youth to achieve the SDGs. They are looking for someone to help build out our unique Recruitment and Talent portfolio. You will be in charge of finding candidates who bring a passion for the SDGs and skills to help SDSN Youth teams achieve their objectives – building up the capabilities to enable SDSN Youth to continue empowering youth around the world.



  • Role and Responsibilities
    • Research and working closely with Project Leads to understand hiring needs, and position details
    • Research and working closely with Network Coordinators to identify recruitment channels and points of contacts for local recruiting
  • Recruitment Marketing Strategy 
    • Working closely with the Communications/Marketing Team promote opportunities and branding at SDSN Youth
  • Interviews & Shortlisting
    • Identify, engage, evaluate and recruit candidates based on Project/Network team needs


1. Job Qualifications

The Recruitment Project Officer will be someone who:

  • Is patient, empathetic, and possesses impeccable written and organizational skills, driven and can work autonomously
  • Wants to make a direct impact. You are the gatekeeper to joining the global team
  • Wants to contribute to a story. By bringing together young leaders in the SDG space.
  • Excels in both high-level and detailed planning.
  • Enjoys problem-solving, and work well with people.

2. Minimum qualifications:

  • Have experience in managing multiple stakeholders/partners.
  • Have some professional or volunteer work experience in a team.
  • Be a proven team player with excellent interpersonal skills and ability to coordinate and manage workload across several projects/teams.
  • Demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively and report consistently. In a network, which operates across several time zones, reporting and communicating proactively is crucial.
  • Must be responsive and able to manage regular communication with the team – including after-hours conference calls, as the network spans 10 different time zones.
  • Be aged between 18-30 in order to be eligible for this role (exceptions may apply).

3. Preferred qualifications:

  • Is able and willing to work remotely, or from the New York office at Columbia University.
  • Has had experience building a team of their own.
  • Has an interest in sustainable development, be passionate about the mission of the SDSN, including the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.
  • Possesses an excellent command of the English language, including writing, speaking and listening.
  • Is willing to travel occasionally (domestically and internationally).
  • Is able to demonstrate that they have the time and resources to commit to this role – candidates with too many overlapping commitments will be exempt from running for this position.


1. Making an Impact

  • Working SDSN Youth enables you to be at the forefront of efforts taken by the United Nations, governments, companies and civil society in developing and leading a global movement for sustainable development and enables to make an impact.
  • We engage closely with a range of stakeholders, including some of the world’s most influential leaders from business, academics, governement and civil society, forming partnerships to educate, connect and mobilise individuals and groups to achieve the SDGs.
  • Through our core programs, including the Local Pathways FellowshipYouth SolutionsGlobal Schools and SDG Student Program, we are creating a movement of young people from around the world, who are committed to sustainable development and are being equipped with the necessary skills and tools to overcome key challenges and meaningfully contribute to the achievement of SDGs in their communities.

2. Aspirations and Networks

  • SDSN Youth enables you to build professional and personal relationships with high-level stakeholders in civil society, business, government and the United Nations.
  • The SDSN Youth core team consists of more than 120 young people from more than 30 different countries, including students from Harvard, Oxford, LSE, Science Po, Monash and Columbia universities, and professionals working in agencies and organisation such as UNICEF, UNEP, UNDP, UN-Habitat, etc.
  • By joining one of our teams, you will be working with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals with a variety of cultural, religious and political backgrounds, committed to sustainable development.
  • The relationships you develop through SDSN Youth could serve as a foundation for your future endeavours.

3. Pathways to leadership

  • Attend high level domestic and international meetings and conferences and network with some of the most prominent figures in the SDG space.
  • Supported by our global team of experts across a range of areas, you will progress rapidly in a challenging but flexible, fulfilling and meaningful environment.
  • Your experiences will become central to our network’s efforts and legacy in empowering youth globally to make sustainable solutions.
  • Working with SDSN Youth will enable you to have a real impact while navigating through complex scenarios and overcoming difficult hurdles, preparing you for challenges of leadership.




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