2019 SDSN Youth Global Schools Program for Young Change Makers Worldwide

Deadline: June 1, 2019.

The Global Schools Program is an initiative led by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth Initiative (SDSN Youth) in support of UNESCO’s Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP-ESD).

The vision of the program is to generate interest about sustainable development in schools in an effort to educate and engage students with the SDGs and to encourage them to prioritize the goals in their lifestyles, behaviors, education and professional careers as these goals provide a framework for a better world that children could live in the future. The program aims to do this by transforming learning environments globally and making schools the hubs of education and leadership on SDGs, ultimately becoming vehicles for empowering and mobilizing students and young people to help implement the SDGs in their communities.



Serving as an Advocate for Global Schools will equip you with knowledge of SDGs and ESD tools to help transforming learning environments, promote the SDGs in various school settings, and mobilize young people around the SDGs. The Advocates will serve as champions of the Global Schools Program and will be given the mission to coordinate local efforts to empower schools and teachers to educate children on the SDGs.

1. Complete the training:The advocates will participate in a one-month online training program to develop their understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Schools program and Education for Sustainable Development. This training will be supported by EdX, and will consist of 4 modules released weekly, and will include videos, readings, quizzes and written assignments. Throughout the training, they will develop public speaking, research, mapping and presenting skills critical for their future mission of Advocates. They will also develop their action plan to implement the Global Schools Program in their city.

2. Increase the program’s outreach: The advocates will serve as official Global Schools Advocates from July 2019 to January 2020 (6 months). As advocates they will lead the local implementation of the Global Schools Program in their city, reaching out to schools and community of educators to help the Global Schools Program achieve its core objectives: transforming learning environments, building the capacities of educators and empowering and mobilizing the youth.


1. Primary criteria

At time of applying for this role:

  • Candidate MUST possess a good command of the English language.

  • Candidate MUST have excellent public speaking skills, be capable of communicating well with key stakeholders and partners.

  • Candidate MUST be able to commit at least 6-8 hours per week for this role.

  • Candidate MUST be aged between 18-30 in order to be eligible for this role.

  • Candidate MUST be absolutely self-driven, accountable and responsible for meeting his/her goals

2. Secondary Criteria

In order to be an advocate one must have:

  • COMMITMENT – Candidate SHOULD be able to demonstrate that they are committed to the vision of the program and capable of working in compliance with the standards and level of professionalism set by Global Schools.

  • FLEXIBILITY – Candidate SHOULD be flexible and capable of working with multiple deadlines and coordinate activities with multiple time zones – this may include late-night calls and meetings.

  • VERSATILITY – Candidate SHOULD be extremely versatile, especially in dealing with the challenges posed by a newly formed and rapidly expanding organisation.

  • SELF-DRIVE: Candidates SHOULD be self-driven and able to contact schools and local stakeholders with minimal supervision.



1. Making an Impact

  • Working with SDSN Youth and Global Schools enables you to be at the forefront of efforts taken by the United Nations, governmental and civil society in developing and leading a global movement for sustainable development.

  • SDSN works with some of the world’s most influential businesses, academic institutions, government bodies and civil society groups in the sustainable development sector.

  • Global Schools is already impacting 50,000+ students and is partnering every day with new institutions, schools and individuals to make a positive impact.

2. Aspirations and Networks

  • SDSN Youth and Global Schools enable you to build professional and personal relationships with high-level stakeholders in civil society, business, government and the United Nations.

  • By joining this program, you will be working with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals with a variety of cultural, religious and political backgrounds, committed to sustainable development.

  • The SDSN Youth Assembly consists of more than 140+ young people from more than 35 different countries, with 600+ member organizations, and the Global Schools program consists of 50+ young people from more than 16 different countries.

  • The relationships you develop through SDSN Youth and Global Schools could serve as a foundation for your future endeavours.

3. Pathways to leadership

  • Supported by our global team of experts across a range of areas, you will progress rapidly in a challenging but flexible and fulfilling environment.

  • Your experiences will become central to our network’s efforts and legacy in empowering youth globally to make sustainable solutions.

  • Working with SDSN Youth and Global Schools will enable you to have a real impact while navigating through complex scenarios and overcoming difficult hurdles, preparing you for challenges of leadership.




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