2019 ReSAKSS Data Challenge Competition for enthusiastic data users

Deadline: April 15, 2019.

The ReSAKSS Data Challenge is a competition for enthusiastic data users to showcase their creativity and analytical skills using data and other resources on the ReSAKSS website to develop an innovative knowledge product or project that addresses a development challenge faced by Africa.



Category 1 – Essays and Reports: The most innovative research paper, article, essay, or journal article bringing solution to African issues.

Category 2 – Visual Arts: The most innovative infographic, illustration, video

Category 3 – IT products and services: The most innovative applications and tools

Category 4 – High School Projects: The most innovative high school project




1. Targeted participants include but are not limited to researchers, analysts, and students in all disciplines, artists, media specialists, coders, developers, high school teams, anyone in Africa and from the diaspora who is passionate about data and willing to create an innovative content, product or service relevant to social and economic development issues facing African countries.

2. The ReSAKSS DATA challenge is an opportunity for researchers and analysts to experiment, discover new tools, and create a community of practice that will work data in the most innovative way.

3. It will enable other groups of actors, whether in business, the media, or arts, to create content in their own liner of occupation. It allows civil society organizations to develop content for advocacy. More generally, diverse communities with different backgrounds can come together use data to generate knowledge, discuss and exchange on their common interest for data.



Prizes (scholarships and various gifts by ReSAKSS partners) will be given to first three places in each category as follow

  • 3000 $
  •  2000 $
  •  1000 $




ReSAKSS Data Challenge

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